If you are a regular user when it comes to the use of wigs or hair prostheses, surely you have worried on many occasions about something very specific. What to do when a wig falls off?

It sounds terrifying, and there is nothing that can affect our self-esteem more than seeing how our hair system detaches from our heads without being able to do anything. Fortunately, the industry of hair prostheses and wigs has evolved over the last few years.

Currently, we have products that make it almost impossible for our prosthesis to come off on its own. But, since prevention is better than cure, today we will give you a few tips so that your wig does not fall off all day, whatever you do.


At Newlacecu we are experts in the manufacture of hair systems of all kinds, including extensions, wigs and hair prostheses. For this reason, we know first-hand what it takes to keep our product in perfect condition and in place for much longer.

When we talk about wigs, there can be two cases. That you use them because you have no hair or because you want to give a new touch to your appearance without damaging your own hair. What to do when a wig falls off? This does not have to happen because, in all these cases, correct fastening is key to avoiding unforeseen events and uncomfortable situations.

Size Matters

One of the golden rules when using a wig is that it fits our head perfectly. So that a wig does not fall and is comfortable for the wearer, it is necessary that it be tailored.

Therefore, one of the things you should do is take measurements of your head, as we taught you in one of our previous contents. This way, you won’t have to think about what to do when a wig falls off.


Choose a style that suits our tastes

If you like to experiment with your hairstyle but don’t want to mess up your natural hair, you probably don’t mind wearing the wigs in the most extravagant and flashy styles.

Many people, however, are forced to wear a wig for other reasons. They can be aesthetic, due to suffering from alopecia areata or universal, but also due to cancer treatments. In these cases, the goal is to maintain the look you had before your hair loss.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to opt for wigs or hair prostheses with a color and style that is similar to your own, in such a way that they do not imply a great change or something uncomfortable to use due to their appearance. Even with all these keys, we still don’t know what to do when a wig falls off, but on this, we will answer all your questions below.

Products to fix the wig or hair prosthesis

The two aspects mentioned above are essential so that the wig or hair prosthesis adapts to the greatest extent to us. However, what is really important when it comes to ensuring that a wig does not come off are the products that we use to fix it.

Clips and Meshes

What options are there? If we have hair, the procedure to follow is as follows. What you have to do is collect the hair, leaving it as close to the head as possible, without lumps. Once this is done, we must use a mesh so that our hair is fully attached and, on this mesh, it is where the wig or prosthesis will be placed.

Another way to fix a wig, extensions or prosthesis on people with hair is using clips, a very simple option to use and which also gives very good results.

Adhesives and tapes

Secondly, we find the glues and tapes, only valid for people who do not have hair in any area of ​​the head. They are very effective, and it is that in addition to holding the wig or hair prosthesis, they do not notice anything at all. Having all these notions, would you still not know what to do when a wig falls off?


Adhesives are a very effective product but, however, they are not equally suitable for everyone. The reason is that the skin of all people is not the same, as well as sweating or other factors.

If your skin is oily and you sweat a lot, you will have to make sure you buy a sweat-resistant glue, specific for this type of need, since cheaper or universal glues may fall short in terms of fixation.

Another reason that can cause a wig to come off prematurely is dirt. A dirty base and mesh can cause the adhesive or the tapes to not adhere well to the material, detaching from the head shortly after placing the prosthesis or wig.

Modern Hair System

To avoid this inconvenience, it is necessary to clean the wig or prosthesis periodically, using solvents indicated for this purpose.

Now that you know what to do when a wig falls off, it’s time to start applying these tricks when choosing and using your wigs or hair prostheses. At Newlacecu you can find the best hair prostheses and wigs for men and women, as well as the best products for the maintenance and care of our hair systems.

Xiufei Wu

Autora: Xiufei Wu

Xiufei Wu is an expert in hair restoration and has been working in this field for more than 20 years. She has an engineering degree from Qingdao University of Science and Technology with honors (1998). In the year 2000 he began working on the creation and commercialization of hair prostheses and wigs and then in 2005 he founded his personal company New lacecu wig co, which today has hundreds of companies (hairdressers and wig shops) among its clients and thousands of private customers. She today is considered one of the leading experts in China in the manufacture and marketing of hair prostheses and wigs.
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