Makeup, false eyebrows or microblading, which technique is better in cases of alopecia?

Trends, as far as eyebrow styles are concerned, have been changing over the years. Gone are the super fine eyebrows, to make way for more populated and natural eyebrows. But, what happens in those cases in which you suffer from alopecia areata, universal alopecia or have gone through some medical process that has made you have no hair in the eyebrow area?

Is it better to make up your eyebrows, get microblading or use false eyebrows? Each of the mentioned techniques is better for some specific cases than others. So that you know in which cases one technique or another is more recommended, do not miss this article where the protagonists are the eyebrows.

Eyebrow makeup

Did you know that there are people who do wonders with an eyebrow pencil? With eyebrow makeup you can fill in gaps and give volume to this part of our face. It is not the only thing that can be done, and it is that there are people who choose makeup to paint their eyebrows from 0.

We know how difficult it is to deal with the lack of hair on the eyebrows, and it is that these have a great weight on our face. How can we use makeup to make up for the lack of hair?

How to make up eyebrows?

If your eyebrows don’t have major hair gaps or small bald spots, one of the best options for covering those areas is to use makeup. Currently, there are different types of eyebrow makeup products available, such as tinted pomades, eyebrow pencils, markers or powders.

The goal is to achieve a natural eyebrow appearance, hiding any type of imperfection that exists. However, there are other cases in which there is no hair in that area and makeup can be exhausting to do daily. In these cases, it may be an idea to put on false eyebrows or resort to semi-permanent techniques.

Makeup for eyebrows universal alopecia, alopecia areata or cancer treatments

Alopecia universalis and areata and false eyebrows

Alopecia does not only affect men, and thousands of women around the world also suffer from the absence of hair in different areas of their body. Although the cause of the absence of hair in areas such as the eyebrows is sometimes due to cancer treatments, this causes situations of real discomfort in those who suffer from them.

How can it be solved? Next, we will tell you why false eyebrows can become your greatest allies.

What is a false eyebrow?

When we are faced with more severe cases of lack of hair, including cases of alopecia universalis or areata or cancer patients, the eyebrows are usually one of the areas most affected by the absence of hair.

It is worth paying attention to them, and it is that the eyebrows have a great importance in our face. They give us personality and also help us to express our emotions through gestures.

What happens when the hair in this area is completely lost? One of the options that exist on the market are false eyebrows made of natural hair or synthetic hair. This product offers, in a simple way, the possibility of having hair again on the face without going through painful processes such as transplants or grafts.

How to make a false eyebrow?

At Newlacecu we have several models of false eyebrows, so you can find the one that best suits your face. What characterizes all our false eyebrows is that the hair is placed on a transparent silicone base, which looks completely natural on the face.

No one will notice that your eyebrows are fake because, as with hair prostheses, in hair-to-hair false eyebrows, the hairs are inserted one by one at the base and placed in the direction of natural hair growth.

Another point in favor of false eyebrows is that they allow for total customization. As we have said before, the eyebrows are an essential and very characteristic part of all people and, therefore, it is important that you know what type of eyebrow is the most suitable for your face.

Color, shape, thickness… There are many determining factors when it comes to getting an eyebrow that stands out and is in harmony with your features. Therefore, in this sense, it is important to have professionals in this area and, at Newlacecu, we will be happy to help you find the eyebrow prostheses that best suit your face.

false eyebrows for universal alopecia areata or cancer treatments

How long do false eyebrows last?

Carrying out the relevant daily care, false eyebrows can last in perfect condition between 5 and 7 months. For correct maintenance, it is recommended to clean the eyebrows weekly, removing dirt from the hairs and the glue from the base.

How are false eyebrows applied?

Placing the false eyebrows is very simple and, without a doubt, it will take you much less time than applying makeup every day. For a correct hold, it is necessary to apply glue at the base of the eyebrows to, in this way, adhere them easily to the skin.

Ideally, this should be done without any hair underneath, so you’ll want to shave off any hair you have in that area, no matter how small.

Microblading or micropigmentation, a lasting solution

We come to our last point on the different techniques to achieve natural and full eyebrows that frame your look with microblading and micropigmentation, two techniques that are often confused due to their similarities.

What technique is better? Which lasts longer? These and many more are some of the questions that anyone who wants to enjoy a perfect eyebrow design that matches their face will have ever wondered.

What is the difference between microblading and eyebrow micropigmentation?

If both techniques have something in common, it is that they are chosen both by people who want to define their eyebrows to the millimeter and by those who lack hair in the area.

These two techniques for designing eyebrows achieve realistic results, although it is true that, in cases of alopecia, false eyebrows can achieve the necessary three-dimensionality, apparently the hair grows from the person’s own skin.

But, going back to microblading and eyebrow micropigmentation, what makes these techniques different? On the one hand, with microblading, the eyebrows are drawn hair by hair, adapting the design to each person. It is a semi-permanent makeup technique, and the metal pen that is used penetrates the skin very superficially, only reaching the epidermis.

Micropigmentation, for its part, consists of a permanent technique that is carried out to shape the eyebrows or provide volume by implanting pigments in deeper layers of the skin.

What lasts longer, micropigmentation or microblading?

There is no exact duration for any of these techniques, although in general terms both techniques have a very different durability. As we have told you, micropigmentation is a permanent technique, so it can last up to 3 years while, for its part, microblading has a useful life of between half a year and one year.

Makeup, false eyebrows or microblading which technique is better in cases of alopecia

What technique to get eyebrows according to the face is best?

During this article, we have talked about three ways to continue framing your face thanks to the eyebrows. Made up, false or with permanent pigmentation techniques, your final choice will depend a little on your needs and the result you are looking for.

Both makeup, micropigmentation and microblading offer flatter results, with volumes that can only be achieved with the application of shading.

False eyebrows for women and men, however, offer the opportunity to feel good about yourself again with a completely natural result. They are the perfect alternative to other techniques and it is that they do not require large investments of time on a daily basis so that your eyebrows are always perfect.

Also, if you get tired of one style, you can always switch to another without any problem, because the combinations you can make of thicknesses, colors, or shapes are endless.

Have you ever tried false eyebrows, eyebrow makeup or microblading and micropigmentation? The design of your eyebrows can completely change the expression of your face, so it is important that, whatever technique you choose, you always do it with the help of a professional who studies your face and tells you what type of eyebrow is ideal for you.

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