How to wear a wig in summer?

With the arrival of summer, a season begins that involves everything from making more active plans, such as meetings, barbecues or excursions, to carrying out simpler plans, such as going to the pool or the beach and enjoying the sun and the sea.

Starting from the fact that the wig that you wear daily is the right one for you, it must be taken into account that certain care must be taken when using a hair prosthesis in summer. Why? Since the sun, the sand and the sea can play a trick on your wig. So if you are new or want to find out how to wear a wig in summer, stick around to discover them all.

How does the sun affect my wig?

Sun protection and the use of wigs in summer

How to wear a wig in summer?

In the same way that we protect our skin with sunscreen, we must also protect our wig in summer with a special sunscreen for wigs and covering the hair with hats, hats or scarves.

With these small details we will avoid problems, such as fiber breakage, hair losing moisture… With these simple gestures, we will be able to take care of our wig in summer much more effectively.

Hair oxidation in summer

The sun, in the same way that it darkens our skin, lightens our hair color. But this does not affect all wigs or hair prostheses equally, since a natural wig will have lighter tones, while a synthetic wig will have more resistance to change color.

An example of how to lighten hair in summer is the famous hair of Californian surfers. Being exposed to the sun for so long, the tips are lighter than the roots and that’s where the famous “Californian highlights” come from.

How does heat affect my wig?

The arrival of summer is always accompanied by sun and heat. In this sense, we must take into account that the area of ​​the head and neck are one of the areas with the most sweat glands in the body.

If we take this into account, it will not be strange for us to know that in summer our heads sweat and consequently, the wig, causing the poor quality adhesives to lose fixation and making us feel uncomfortable.

At Newlacecu, we have products for each specific case. For this reason, in our online store you can find the Newlacecu adhesive glue resistant to sweat. This product will help keep the hairpiece or wig in place at all times, so it doesn’t loosen with sweat and stays in place all summer.

Can I bathe in the water with a wig?

Bathing in fresh water with a wig

When we talk about fresh water, we refer to the water that we find in swimming pools, which have residues such as chlorine. Chlorine from swimming pools is a residue that will dirty and damage your wig, which can lose its softness and shine, as well as increasing the chances of tangling all the hair.

For these cases, we recommend using our sulfate-free shampoo and, when you want to recover softness and shine, our restructuring cream. With these products, you will take care of your wig both after bathing in swimming pools and after bathing in seawater during the summer.

how to wear a wig in summer bathing in pools

Bathing in salt water with a wig

As is common, summer is the time when we most often bathe at the beach. But this can also cause concerns about the possibility that the waves or the current will detach our wig and carry it away with the tide.

For these cases, we recommend using our ultra-firm walker tape, which is long-lasting and has a strong hold. With it, you will have no problem when it comes to getting into the sea water or swimming pools during the summer.

cómo usar una peluca en verano agua de mar

What wigs are best to wear in summer?

Wigs or synthetic hair prostheses

Synthetic wigs are the best option to wear in summer because:

  • They do not accumulate sweat and grease, thus feeling lighter compared to human hair.
  • They maintain the predefined style of the wig (curly, wavy, smooth…).

Hair prostheses or natural hair wigs

Human hair wigs are not recommended for use in summer for these reasons:

  • As we mentioned earlier, in summer human hair wigs accumulate more grease and sweat in the wig and on the scalp, thus making them dirty sooner and increasing their weight, thus causing discomfort.
  • Natural hair, when heated by the sun, tends to straighten. In this way, if you have an event in summer and, for example, you wave the wig, it has less chance of staying wavy throughout the day.
  • As we already explained, exposing the wig to the sun in summer will cause it to lighten and dry out, with which its fibers will gradually break down if you don’t take care of them.

Where to keep the wig in summer?

Despite the belief that people have that a wig can be kept anywhere without any problem, the truth is that, for proper conservation, a wig must be stored in a safe, cool and dry environment.

What should not be done to keep a wig in summer, under any circumstances, is the following:

  • Store it in hot environments.
  • Store it in humid environments.
  • Store it in an environment with direct sunlight.

In this way, the wig will be better preserved and wearable throughout the summer. With all these tips on how to wear a wig in summer, we hope that neither water, sun nor heat will be a problem so that you can enjoy your hair prosthesis to the fullest this coming summer. Taking into account the pros and cons of wearing a wig in summer, we are sure that you will become an expert in wearing wigs during the summer season.

To end this post, we remind you that hydration is very important in many ways and one of them is because it prevents hair loss. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to visit our post on how dehydration can cause hair loss.

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