What are the reasons behind hair loss in the shower?

Losing too much hair in the shower can be a problem that tends to get worse, which begs the questions: when should I worry if my hair falls out in the shower? And what are the reasons behind shower hair loss?

Of all the places where hair is lost, such as on the pillow, the shower is the place where hair loss is most acute (and most noticeable), for various reasons that we will delve into in the following paragraphs. However, you don’t have to worry, as long as the hair loss in the shower is not constant.

It is normal for it to fall out in this situation, because in the shower the hair is subjected to considerable stress due to washing. Therefore, it is possible to remain calm, but only to a certain extent.

To avoid this problem, the first thing you should do is determine if hair loss in the shower while shampooing is a normal amount. Normally, on average, up to 100 hairs can be lost during the shower.

In addition, it is convenient to understand if hair loss in the shower is presented as a temporary problem due to the change of season and other factors, or if it represents a warning. That is to say, that it is the first symptoms of something more serious that is coming to light, such as alopecia or baldness.

To understand the causes of hair loss in the shower, it is necessary to first analyze several factors that can lead to this problem and make it worse.

Causes of hair loss in the shower

The reasons for this disorder are different, as well as the causes that can trigger hair loss. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), an average person loses about 100 hairs out of 100,000 every day.

This is not a problem when regrowth is good and hair health is healthy, as the hair renewal cycle is guaranteed. When hair loss is greater than regrowth, it means that one or more problems are present and developing at the same time. In this case, it is advisable to find out the causes and solve them as soon as possible with an appropriate treatment.

These are the causes of disproportionate hair thinning and hair loss in the shower:

• Washing hair incorrectly can impair growth and therefore promote hair loss during washes.

• Using cosmetics, such as shampoos and other products, not suitable for the type of hair. The scalp may need products for oily, dry or brittle hair, so each hair has its own shampoo to help the nourishment and strengthening process.

• Permanent and frequent coloring can become one of the main causes of hair loss in the shower, since it damages both the hair and the skin.

Abusing heat styling tools can become one of the causes of hair loss during cleaning.

• Washing your hair too often or cleaning it infrequently are factors that weaken and may damage your hair, contributing to more hair loss during showers.

• Hormonal fluctuations, alopecia, dysfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract or medical treatments with especially powerful drugs, are multiple causes that can increase hair loss during shampooing and inhibit proper growth.

• Even the lack of minerals and vitamins for the body can be a determining cause of hair loss during washing.

• Poor diet, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse are factors that cause hair loss in the shower and damage the growth process.

In short, hair loss during cleaning in the shower is normal, resulting in the amount that falls different depending on the type of hair:

• People with light hair can lose up to 150 hairs per day.

• People with red hair can lose up to 80 each day.

• People with dark hair lose between 100 and 110 per day.

hair loss in the shower using the towel carefully

Tips to prevent hair loss in the shower

Washing hair can become a routine that is not given special attention for various reasons, such as lack of time and rush. But it is precisely at the time of cleaning that you have to concentrate, because wet hair is weaker. Here are some tips to prevent hair loss in the shower:

• To properly nourish the hair, it is necessary to wash it only when it is dirty. This means that a male athlete will have to wash his hair every day, firstly because he sweats during training and secondly because men naturally produce more sebum than women.

• A woman with long hair will feel less need to wash her hair, since they produce less sebum than men. It is clear that if it is an athlete, the situation changes, but the attitude to avoid is to set days for cleaning even when this need does not arise and the hair is clean.

• As already mentioned, it is advisable to use the appropriate shampoo for the type of hair and that respects the pH of the skin. Always using the same shampoo could ruin your hair, as well as using one that is incompatible with your hair type, as it can be harmful or not solve problems. Opting for natural shampoos without the addition of aggressive chemical additives is always the best solution.

• To prevent hair loss in the shower, always brush your hair when it is dry. Absolutely avoid brushing wet hair, as it is weaker.

• To dry the hair in the best way, it is advisable to pat it with a towel, avoiding rubbing, as it tends to damage the hair.

• Wash your hair no more than twice a week, but always avoid sebum buildup. Keeping the right balance active you do not run the risk of wearing them out.

• When cleaning the hair, it is advisable to maintain the water temperature between 35 and 37 degrees, as this does not damage the hair bulbs.

• Massage gently for a few minutes (and never forcefully) while shampooing.

• One last suggestion refers to the use of the hair dryer, which should always be 20 centimeters from the hair and never set to too high a temperature. If so, there is a risk of burning the hair or the ends.

When to seek professional help?

As soon as you see that when you shower, hair loss occurs in greater amounts than usual for a significant period of time and you notice that your hair is weakening, go to a specialist and follow our suggestions.

If you suffer from alopecia problems, lose a lot of hair during the shower and your head has thinning areas, you can contact Newlaecu.

In our online store we offer the best solutions to solve the problem of baldness and post-traumatic stress due to hair loss. You can choose between male and female hair prostheses, wigs and skin patches.

Depending on your problem, our professionals will recommend the best personalized solution. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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Frequently asked questions about hair loss in the shower

1. Is it normal for my hair to fall out a lot in the shower?

The usual amount depends on the type of hair, the normal is up to 100 hairs in the case of dark hair, up to 150 for light hair and about 80 in red hair. These amounts refer to the possible normal daily loss, so once these numbers are exceeded, it is advisable to contact a specialist in the sector.

2. How can I prevent my hair from falling out in the shower?

Follow the tips in the article. Avoid brushing wet hair, use a suitable shampoo for your hair type, do not keep the dryer less than 20 centimeters away, keep the water temperature between 35 and 37 degrees, do not wash your hair more than twice a week, although always controlling that an excessive amount of sebum is not produced.

3. Is it normal to lose 300 hairs a day?

Without a doubt, no. If you lose 300 hairs a day, you should undergo a specialized examination and perhaps fix the problem with a skin patch or hair graft.

4. Is it normal for my hair to fall out when I run my fingers through it?

If the quantity is minimal, there is no problem. But if they fall in droves, it is clear that the cause must be investigated. Relying on specialized clinics and experts in the sector is the most appropriate solution.

5. Why does it fall out when I run my hands through my hair?

Aside from a few stray hairs, they generally shouldn’t be falling out in large numbers. If this problem occurs, you need to understand if you suffer from androgenetic alopecia or other types of baldness. Pathologies can also be partial and resolve after a while.

6. Can hot showers cause hair loss?

If you have seen the advice we have given you, hot showers do not cause hair loss. But it is important not to wash the hair at a temperature above 37 degrees, so as not to weaken the bulbs.

7. Do cold showers prevent hair loss?

Absolutely not. In fact, cold water helps the bulbs and the hair itself.

In short, the methods to prevent hair loss have to do with foresight and daily care. If you suffer from alopecia, you should opt for simple but effective solutions, such as hair transplants, skin patches or male and female hair implants.

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