Laser treatment for hair loss

Do you have baldness problems? Do you suffer from androgenetic alopecia? Are you considering getting a laser treatment for hair loss? If it scares you, Newlaecu is the company that operates in the hairdressing sector with innovative products: hair prostheses, skin patches, wigs, microlines and hair care and maintenance products.

Among the most advanced technological solutions to combat hair loss is the laser, also known as phototherapy. This device may remind you of the weapons of the space warriors in the Star Wars movie, but it is actually a simple tool to nourish the hair bulbs through low-intensity rays and promote hair regrowth.

Laser helmets and brushes are available on the market, but the supervision of a specialized doctor is always recommended to start using them. The laser treatment to combat hair loss uses narrow-band UVB rays, which direct the energy of the radiation (very similar to that emitted by the sun) in the areas of the skin affected by baldness.

Before choosing laser treatment to solve your hair loss problems, it is important to understand what it specifically consists of and what are the advantages and disadvantages it offers.

Pros and cons of laser treatment for hair loss

The hair helmet is one of the most innovative methods to combat androgenetic alopecia and baldness problems. However, you must be very careful, especially when it comes to systems to use yourself at home. That is, with systems for domestic use.

For various reasons that we will delve into in the following paragraphs, it is always recommended to use equipment managed by professionals in medical clinics, even if the cost is higher.

In general, the laser helmet for hair loss is a diode-based treatment that expands therapeutic rays in the scalp area, without the need for manual intervention, since it is completely automatic.

The laser brush is an even less invasive treatment, since it works like a normal comb and takes advantage of all the benefits of phototherapy. It is particularly useful in resolving forms of alopecia that have an inflammatory basis. With this method, UVB rays offer a double action, which has these effects.

• Regenerative effect that stimulates all the vital cells of the follicles.

• Immunomodulatory effect, which induces all cells to “suicide” such as cytotoxic T lymphocytes. These act against the immune system destroying the hair bulbs. Phototherapy is especially recommended in cases of chronic alopecia areata.

Both the laser helmet and the laser brush offer particular advantages for those who suffer from baldness or alopecia, but at the same time they have disadvantages to pay special attention to. Let’s analyze in detail all the pros and cons of laser treatment to combat hair loss.

Pros: benefits of laser hair treatment

The benefits of the trichological laser helmet and the laser brush are different. First of all, it is a system that is simple to use, minimally invasive and particularly practical. In addition, it offers several advantages that only laser therapy can give to hair. This is what it does:

• Laser therapy allows biostimulation of the scalp, which is an excellent method to combat dandruff because it allows regulation of seborrhea production.

• Laser treatment is non-invasive and completely painless. It has no particular side effects and allows you to strengthen hair and stimulate natural growth.

• The laser to combat hair loss is an excellent tool to regenerate fine hair, but also to revitalize dry hair. At this point it can be said that it solves problems for almost all hair types.

• Laser therapy helps prevent baldness in men and combat hair loss in women.

Cons: The Disadvantages of Laser Hair Treatment

Hair laser therapy also has negative factors, inconveniences that must be taken into account before starting this type of treatment. These are its disadvantages:

• Laser hair loss treatment requires sufficient time to obtain the first visible results. Several sessions a week are needed for a few months. In addition, it may be necessary to continue the treatment to prevent hair loss and return to the initial phase. This, without a doubt, represents the greatest disadvantage in terms of costs and expenses to be faced by the patient.

• For people who are already in an advanced stage of baldness, laser therapy may not be effective compared to those who are in the initial phase of hair loss.

Phototherapy could conflict with photosensitizing medications, that is, those that increase sensitivity to light. Therefore, patients taking these medications cannot undergo laser therapy.

• The long-term efficacy and safety of laser treatment for hair loss has not yet been established.

Laser treatment for hair loss alopecia

Does laser therapy work for hair loss?

Laser therapy is an effective tool to combat hair loss, provided that a series of conditions are met. First of all, the patient must be in the initial stage of the development of alopecia or baldness. In this case, laser hair treatment offers greater certainty of success to promote regrowth and solve, at least partially, the problem.

Being a method that uses narrow band UVB rays, it is capable of regenerating and strengthening the hair by acting on the metabolism of the follicles and favoring the nutrition of the bulbs, so that laser therapy makes growth faster.

However, there are also other factors to consider before choosing this solution, such as the cost of laser hair loss treatment and other treatments available on the market, which are less expensive and offer quicker solutions.

How much does laser hair treatment cost?

In order to have a clear view of the cost of laser therapy, it is necessary to understand that it does not only refer to the single session, but that the expense is inherent in the amount of time that will be necessary to spend undergoing laser hair treatment.

The laser brush is undoubtedly the cheapest treatment, while the sessions with the trichological laser helmet can range between 150 and 500 euros each. Calculating that it is a treatment that must be continued for the rest of life to prevent hair loss, its cost can be especially high.

Other hair treatments: solutions to prevent hair loss

If laser hair treatment is too expensive a solution and you need to solve your alopecia and baldness problems faster, Newlacecu puts at your disposal the best efficient technologies in the hairdressing sector.

In our online store we have hair prostheses, wigs and skin patches, products that immediately solve both partial and total baldness. In addition to the purchase cost, you will not have to incur other expenses, since hair care and maintenance products have the same cost as a shampoo. But these are not the only advantages offered by Newlaecu’s solutions.

The skin patch is perfect for those who suffer from alopecia and have a partially bald head. That is, they only lack hair in some areas. In this sense, the capillary prosthesis is the fastest, painless and easiest solution to apply.

Wigs are perfect for those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia and have total baldness. Not only do they allow you to find the look that best suits your aesthetic characteristics, but you can also choose between different shades to always be in fashion and show off an exclusive outfit.

Keep in mind that among the other treatments to prevent hair loss are all natural products, for the maintenance and care of the hair, necessary to nourish and strengthen the hair bulbs. Take a look at the skin patches, hair implants, wigs and prosthetics available in the Newlaecu online catalogue.

Contact us for more information, advice, free estimates and customized solutions. Our staff of professionals with experience in the hairdressing sector is always at your complete disposal.

Laser treatment for hair loss alopecia hair helmet

Frequently asked questions about laser hair treatments

1. Is laser hair growth permanent?

Unfortunately, hair growth through laser treatment is not permanent, as it requires continuous sessions to nourish the hair through low-intensity UVB rays. The more sessions increase, the greater the benefits, but it is necessary to constantly undergo treatments to avoid hair loss.

2. What is the best laser therapy for hair loss?

We cannot talk about the best laser therapy for hair, since the treatment is closely related to several factors, such as the type of baldness and alopecia. For those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, the trichology laser helmet could be the best solution. Laser brushes, on the other hand, are especially suitable for those who suffer from partial baldness. The best capillary laser therapy is closely related to the subjective characteristics of the patient.

3. How many laser treatments does it take to remove thinning hair?

The results of laser hair treatments begin to be visible to the naked eye after a few months. In this temporary fragment several sessions are needed to restore natural hair growth and eliminate hair thinning.

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