What is the cost of the products necessary to maintain a hair prosthesis?

When you decide to solve your baldness problem with a hair prosthesis, you also wonder what costs this choice entails.

A hair prosthesis does not last a lifetime, but a certain time, so it must be changed periodically. In addition, there are various products that are used for its maintenance (that is, for cleaning and anchoring) and these also have a cost that you must take into account.

For this reason, anyone who enters this world often wonders what the cost of the products necessary to maintain a hair prosthesis in perfect condition and for much longer is.

In this article we will show you what are the basic and recurring costs that you will have if you wear a hair prosthesis, indicating all the possibilities and giving you different tips to reduce them.

Skin patch cost

As we have already told you before, the patch does not last forever and must be changed periodically. The models are different and depending on the base there are more or less resistant systems.

If you still have no idea how many different systems exist, in our online shop you can take a look at all the models of hair prostheses that we have.

Some of these systems are more fragile and last 2-4 months, while others are more robust and can last up to 2 years. On average, however, you have to calculate that you will use about 2 or 3 prostheses a year and that, depending on the model you choose, you will have a different total cost.

cost of the products necessary to maintain a hair prosthesis

Price of the maintenance products you should use

As we said, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance of hair prostheses. Basically, every 10 days you have to remove it, clean it and stick it back to the head and, for this, you will need several products:

  • Glues to adhere the prosthesis.
  • Cleaning solvent.
  • Products to keep the hair of the prosthesis always beautiful and shiny.

What are hair prosthesis glues like and how much do they cost?

To make a hair prosthesis adhere, you mainly need 2 types of glue which are summarized as tapes and liquid glues. Normally, tapes are used on the perimeter of the head to have a strong and persistent adhesion. On the other hand, the glue is usually used in the last centimeter of the forehead, to have a totally invisible perimeter with any type of light and at any distance.

The cost of these products for a whole year is very low, since in no case will they exceed 50 dollars, since we will only need a bottle of glue and 2 or 3 tapes.

These tapes and glues are suitable for human use, hypoallergenic and there are different types, from the lightest to those that ensure a very long adhesion.

What are solvents for and how much do they cost?

We turn to solvents, which are totally hypoallergenic products and suitable for human use that are used to clean both the base of the hair prosthesis and our skin.

As we have said, the hair prosthesis is anchored to our skin with glues and every 10 or 20 days it must be removed and cleaned, and then re-adhered.

Solvents can be of two types: oily or alcoholic. Both perfectly fulfill their function and your choice will depend solely on your personal tastes and which one suits you best.

In this case, the annual cost is also very low, since a bottle is enough for 1 or 2 years. Therefore, the solvent will not exceed, in any case, 15 dollars per year.

Hair care products for our hair prostheses

cost of the products necessary to maintain a hair prosthesis

Finally, and as far as the cost of maintaining our prostheses is concerned, we have the products that we will need to keep our hair always hydrated and healthy.

In each wash, together with the shampoo, we will have to use a restructuring cream, which will moisturize and protect the hair.

In addition, it is recommended to moisturize the hair every morning with a dry oil, such as argan oil, or with a leave-in conditioner. If the prosthesis is very old and worn, we recommend using our brand’s liquid silicone at least once a month, as it is a unique and effective product to bring our hair back to life.

In this case, the expense is not excessive either and will depend a lot on the products you decide to use, but calculate between 60 and 80 dollars per year.

Three mistakes you should not make with the maintenance of your hair prosthesis

If you want to reduce the annual cost of maintaining your hair system, you should avoid making these 3 mistakes at all costs:

  • Buying in stores that sell very simple systems at exorbitant prices ot that inventing terms and qualities that do not exist. There are those who even ask for the signing of a contract, which requires the annual payment of thousands of dollars. If you meet someone like that, run away!
  • If you do the maintenance in a hairdresser, be very careful. It’s comfortable, since someone else does everything for you. But it increases costs, it is addictive and sometimes the result is not as expected, which is not worth not doing it yourself at home.
  • Finally, a very frequent mistake that should not be made is to extend the time between one maintenance and another.

The main cause of wear of a hair prosthesis is, without a doubt, when the period of use of a prosthesis is exceeded between one maintenance and another. We always recommend that you do not exceed 10 or 15 days to carry out your periodic maintenance.

If you have any doubts, you can contact us by our contact form or by e-mail and we will reply back as soon as we can.

Xiufei Wu

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