Skin patch maintenance: everything you need to know

If you decide to use a hair prosthesis, maintenance will be very important both to ensure a strong adhesion of the implant, and to always have natural and perfect hair. Without a doubt, the latter is essential for those who try to solve their baldness problem with a hair implant. Due to its importance, today we will tell you everything you need to know about the skin patch maintenance.

What is the maintenance of the skin patch for?

You should know that if you wear the hair prosthesis, it does not stay stuck to the head forever. It needs to be removed and cleaned from time to time.

Maintenance serves, therefore, to clean the base, clean the skin and then replace the prosthesis. In this way, a strong adherence and a totally invisible perimeter are achieved. In short, the function of maintenance is to protect the prosthesis from wear and tear, clean the skin and have a strong adherence and an impalpable and invisible perimeter.

It is therefore a fundamental operation for anyone who wears a modern hair implant or a wig, as well as for anyone who enters this world.

How often should hair prosthesis maintenance be performed?

This operation must be performed periodically. Normally, every 15 days the capillary system should be removed and cleaned. However, there are people who perform this operation every week or others who do it only once a month.

For hygiene reasons, we recommend not exceeding 15 days, as this will also give the prosthesis greater adherence and a less worn base. In fact, if you extend the maintenance time too much, the adhesive force will decrease and the base will suffer more wear and tear and deteriorate more quickly. If this happens, you will be forced to buy a new hair prosthesis much sooner than necessary.

How much does the maintenance of a hair system cost?

The maintenance cost is, without a doubt, something that you should take into account before getting a hair prosthesis, since it could make your money out of your pocket. If you do the maintenance yourself, at home, its cost will be negligible. Specifically, about 50 euros a year, since you will only have to invest in the solvent and the glue.

If, on the contrary, you prefer to do it in a specialized center, the price will increase a lot. You will have to pay from a minimum of 50 euros for maintenance, up to a maximum of 200 euros. In total, your annual spending can range from 600 to 2,500 euros just for this reason.

As you can see, there is a big difference between 50 euros per year and 2,500. So, how is it better to do the maintenance, at home or in a specialized center?

It is a decision that only depends on you, but we can tell you what we think so that you can choose with greater knowledge of the facts. From NewLacecu, we recommend that you do the maintenance at home. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you will also not depend on third parties and you will be able to do the maintenance exactly as you want and as best suits your hair.

In fact, our years of experience have shown us that when it comes to hair prostheses, it’s better to have just one person do the job, as there are too many. What’s more, many times it is much better to do the maintenance at home because you will do it to your liking, with greater precision, without rushing and maintaining our privacy.

All this is often impossible in a center, since third parties cannot have the same care as you, carrying out the maintenance in a hurry or done in a center, by third parties, who are sometimes in a hurry or do not attend to all the customer’s requests. 

It is clear that everyone has their experience and their opinion, but we will tell you what many of our clients have told us during all these years of working in the world of hair implants.

How is a hair prosthesis maintained?

Performing skin patch maintenance at home is very simple. Next, we list the different steps:

1 Spray the solvent on the perimeter of the prosthesis.

2 Leave on for a few minutes.

3 Gently remove the system from your head.

4 Spray the solvent on the base and leave it to act for a few minutes.

5 Place the system on a mirror as the glue will transfer to the mirror and the base will be clean.

6 Clean the mirror, to have it ready for future maintenance.

7 Wash your hair with shampoo and then use a restructuring cream to hydrate and protect it.

8 Thoroughly dry the base and the hair.

9 Proceed to place the tape on the base, along its perimeter.

10 Clean your skin and dry it well.

11 Put the glue on the skin and let it dry.

12 Attach the system and style your hair as you like.

13 If necessary, touch up the perimeter so that it is perfect and according to your needs.

Does it seem complicated to you? Don’t worry, because it will only steal half an hour of your time, no more. If you don’t know how to do it, you can watch the following video, published on our YouTube channel, which visually shows you the different steps to carry out the maintenance of the hair prosthesis.

What products are used for the maintenance of the capillary prosthesis?

If you want to maintain your hair prosthesis at home, there are some products that will be very useful. The first is the solvent, since this product will help you to eliminate the adhesive force of the prosthesis so that you can detach it from the head. In addition, with the solvent you can also remove the glue from the base of the system and clean it thoroughly.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the base, you’ll need a shampoo and restructuring cream to wash and moisturize your hair. You’ll also need glue and tape to help the base stick back to the head.

There are different adhesives and different tapes depending on the adhesive strength you need. We have several, all are hypoallergenic and suitable for human use.

Why choose our prosthetics and maintenance products?

It’s simple, because Newlaecu is a hair prosthesis factory that has been operating for many years and has many satisfied customers. Unlike other companies that don’t show you what you’re buying, at Newlacecu you can see all the products with photos and detailed descriptions.
If you need any type of information or advice to acquire a hair prosthesis or the products for its correct maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you whenever you need it.

Xiufei Wu

Autora: Xiufei Wu

Xiufei Wu is an expert in hair restoration and has been working in this field for more than 20 years. She has an engineering degree from Qingdao University of Science and Technology with honors (1998). In the year 2000 he began working on the creation and commercialization of hair prostheses and wigs and then in 2005 he founded his personal company New lacecu wig co, which today has hundreds of companies (hairdressers and wig shops) among its clients and thousands of private customers. She today is considered one of the leading experts in China in the manufacture and marketing of hair prostheses and wigs.
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