Wigs How to put them on?

Wigs are an accessory widely used by both men and women, no matter if it is for aesthetic reasons, oncological or for a special occasion. However, the most recurrent question that a person usually asks himself is: How to fasten it so that it does not fall and looks natural?

To put a wig on the head, you have to spread it over the scalp by centering your finger on the forehead and then pull the rest of the wig in a gentle movement over the skull. Don’t forget to keep the glue as far away as possible from the sides so that they don’t stick too soon.

If you want to know in detail how to put on a wig to be able to change your look or improve your appearance in a simple and quick way, prepare a paper and a pen to take notes.

How to put on wigs without being noticed, step by step

To put on a wig you have to follow a series of steps regardless of the type or material of the accessory. You must follow the indications to be able to adapt it and ensure maximum support and comfort.

Choosing the right wig

Before putting a wig on the hair, the first thing to do is to choose the ideal accessory. There are different types of prostheses and they are classified according to the material

According to the material

  • Synthetic hair wigs: They are made with fiber hair. In addition, unlike natural hair, maintenance is much easier and more comfortable since they do not have to be brushed. However, specific products must be used for their care.
  • Natural hair wigs: This accessory is made with natural fibers (human hair) providing excellent quality and longer life. Thanks to the 100% organic material it can be handled more easily, that means that you can use hair dryers, irons or even customize it as you want without damaging it. Best of all, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money for maintenance.
  • Mixed wigs: The material of this accessory is composed of natural and synthetic hair. The top part of the wig is handmade and the rest is machine made to provide a more organic look.

Conforms to the structure

  • Full lace wig: It is made of a mesh of carefully stitched hair that provides a natural look and allows for easy manipulation.
  • Partial lace/front lace wig: Made of any type of material and a lace mesh positioned in the front. Thanks to this design, it gives a natural look on the forehead.
  • Wig without lace: Also known as invisible or undetectable prosthesis, this accessory is made of nylon mesh that allows the base to disappear completely, making the wig line go unnotice

These wigs are the most purchased by people because they are the most durable and more accessible in terms of price, also provide a beautiful, thick and natural hair.

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Prepare the hair

Once you have chosen the hair prosthesis to use, you have to shave the area affected by the hair loss or you will have to collect it with braids, making sure that the entire hairline is backwards and that there are no uneven or bulging parts.

Prepare the skin

With the help of a cotton swab moistened with alcohol solution, clean all the skin around the hairline or the previously shaved area, this will help to remove excess oil and impurities so that the glue can adhere properly to the prosthesis.

Apply glue

Therefore a layer of glue will be placed on the skin, do not forget to let it dry for a few minutes and once it is no longer wet proceed to put the wig.

You can use liquid glue / spray or adhesive tape. If you want to consult which is the best product you can click here.

Place the wig on the head

To put the wig on, first you have to keep your finger on the central area of the forehead and on the head, then you are going to pull it gently towards the scalp, that is to say from the front to the back as shown in the following image:

put on wigs

Before placing the wig, make sure that the hairs of the prosthesis do not get caught in the glue before positioning it properly.

Secure the wig

Regardless of the glue you are going to use, it is very important to secure the wig on the head, so once it is positioned in the right place use a comb with ultra fine teeth to gently press the front edges of the prosthesis. Ideally, exert a little pressure to secure it well. After fixing the front half you will repeat the same procedure for the back half.


Once the wig is completely secured, you can customize it to your own taste.

Xiufei Wu

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