In this article we will give you 3 simple tips to improve your hair prosthesis and always have a perfect hair.

When somebody wears a hair prosthesis or even a full wig, they are always looking for perfection, always looking for ways to improve your hair prosthesis.

In fact, it is not enough to have the hair back, but we want the result to be completely natural… even at close range no one should suspect that our hair is fake.


Many times those who regain their hair want it all and more, that’s why they exaggerate the hairstyle of their prosthesis in density, colors, hairstyles… and so, for example, if you have sparse sides and wear a prosthesis without frontal graduation and with high density, the system will lose its naturalness.

On the other hand, women often want lengths that are very rare naturally… and here they use wigs with 50 centimeters of hair and add extensions of another 40-50 centimeters to them… in this way people who would never have noticed the prosthesis, begins to look at the exaggerated length and notice the hair.

Afterwards, there are many people who ask for particular colors, with darker roots, lighter lengths, or even colors like pink or gold… Something that may be fine in a woman, but in men it is not very common and therefore it brings the people to look at our hair more than usual.

The advice is therefore not to exaggerate. We need to recover our hair and have a cut that enhances us, not have absurd densities, unnatural lengths and super strange colors.

Clearly this is advice that applies to many, but not everyone. There are those who are also natural with excesses, and above all there are those who want these excesses to feel good about themselves.


A very important element to always have a perfect wig is that the base is clean, impeccable.

For skin systems (Skin type) it is very easy, since cleaning is easier and faster, for those with lace, monofilament or mixed base, things get complicated. In fact, in these bases the glues tend to go through the meshes over time, so maintenance has to be done well…

Here at this link you can read HOW TO CLEAN THE HAIRSYSTEM – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, the best method to clean lace or monofilament bases.

I recommend that you carry out the maintenance well and do not prolong the time too much, wearing the prosthesis for more than 15 days, in fact if we wear a knitted prosthesis for more than 15 days, the tails will go through the shirt and the phase will be much more difficult. Maintenance and cleaning.

Hair Fall


Many eyes are better than two, many brains have more ideas than one. Therefore, interacting with other users and exchanging ideas and advice is essential both to improve and to learn.

We are in the digital age and therefore also in the field of hair systems and hairpieces it is finally possible to interact without shame.

At Newlacecu, we have several platforms for our clients and for anyone who wears hair prostheses:

Facebook group (private) https://www.facebook.com/groups/813917952890324

And many social channels… (youtube – tiktok – instagram)

These are just 3 ideas to have a better hair prosthesis, there are many others, from blending the sides well, to using a restructuring cream in each wash, from retouching the front or using an shine blocker, but if you tell us that this article has been useful, we will make others that will show you many new ideas to improve your hair prosthesis or wig.

Xiufei Wu

Autora: Xiufei Wu

Xiufei Wu is an expert in hair restoration and has been working in this field for more than 20 years. She has an engineering degree from Qingdao University of Science and Technology with honors (1998). In the year 2000 he began working on the creation and commercialization of hair prostheses and wigs and then in 2005 he founded his personal company New lacecu wig co, which today has hundreds of companies (hairdressers and wig shops) among its clients and thousands of private customers. She today is considered one of the leading experts in China in the manufacture and marketing of hair prostheses and wigs.
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