What products and steps do I need to take care of my hair prosthesis?

When you start using hair prosthesis, the first thing you ask yourself is, how will it be cared for or maintained. This is because hair prostheses are very delicate, and if we want them to last for a long time, we must know how to prolong their life by worrying about their care. If you acquired or are going to acquire a hair prosthesis you will know that they are made of natural hair and require that you take care of them as if it were real hair, otherwise you will have a lifeless and opaque prosthesis that you will not be able to recover.

The products you need to care for a hair prosthesis are very similar to those that are normally used. Always have a solvent on hand, a mannequin to handle easily, a specialized shampoo to remove dirt, a detangling comb, a mask with extra hydration, an anti-frizz cream, serum and finally a polish to give life.

Tips for caring for a hair prosthesis

Take into account that you should clean them once a week, if it is not very dirty, every fortnight. It is worth noting that extreme weather affects how it looks, if the prosthesis is dry, it is time to wash.

Prostheses work very differently from hair, you have to clean them to put the fat on it as it keeps them hydrated, unlike hair that has to be cleaned to remove the fat.

Before starting to clean them, you must take care that there is no type of residue left. So, use your solvent and remove all traces of tape before doing maintenance.

If you notice that your hair prosthesis is dull or lifeless, remember that you can paint, trim the ends, or you can even perform repairing treatments

Keep the base of your prosthesis away from the iron to avoid burning it.

Always use specialized or recommended products.

Steps to use the hair prosthesis products

  1. The best thing we can do to take care of our hair prosthesis is to maintain a step-by-step routine using each of the necessary products, as is a hair routine. It is also important to know that you can choose to do this routine at home or in a specialized center, everything will depend on your budget or the occasion.
  2. The first step before starting the hair prosthesis care routine is to completely remove the adhesive and any debris that may remain on the base of the prosthesis with the solvent.
  3. When you have already removed the adhesive, you must detangle the hair before wetting it. Start at the end and work your way up.
  4.  Having detangled the hair prosthesis, wet it and apply the appropriate shampoo either at home or in your specialized center, preferably use one that prevents frizz and leaves hair shiny.
  5.  When you apply it, distribute the shampoo with a skeleton comb to avoid tangling the hair.
  6. Never rub your hair to wash it because it gets tangled.
  7. Clean with plenty of water while you brush it from top to bottom with the comb.
  8.  Once you have cleaned it, remove the excess moisture with a towel but do not mistreat the hair.
  9. Once the shampoo and humidity have been removed, place a mask or moisturizing cream from the roots to the ends and leave it to act for 20 minutes to hydrate the hair of the capillary prosthesis well.
  10.  Again after 20 minutes, remove the mask with plenty of water and remove the excess moisture with the towel.
  11.  Brush it again and apply a styling cream and serum all over the hair always from the bottom up.
  12. If you are going to use an iron or some equipment with heat, always put a thermal protector. But if you want to keep it deep, you can put a curling foam on it.
  13. Finally, in case you want to give it a last touch, you can put a polish on it.

Other products for the care of hair prostheses

  • Densifier: This product consists of keratin hair fibers that adhere to the hair through static electricity and intertwine, generating more capillary density.
  • Repair cream without rinsing: This product is essential to keep your hair alive after applying it, your hair prosthesis will recover its softness and shine.
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