12 differences between natural and synthetic hair wigs

When it comes to choosing a wig, some doubts arise that are simply solved by knowing the needs of each person because depending on this will depend on the ideal material for you. Most of the hair wigs are made with natural hair or with synthetic hair or with both materials, but whichever of the three modalities you prefer, they are made with the same method or style.

When we say that a wig is made of natural hair it means that it is of human origin, it can be of man or woman, it doesn’t matter, and when we say that it is a synthetic hair wig it is made with synthetic fibers, most of the time of nylon.

These two types of materials are the most used to make different hair solutions such as wigs, prosthesis, enhancers, hairpieces or extensions, that is why we will present you, the 12 main differences of natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs:

Synthetic hair wigs

  1. They are much less natural looking and tend to tangle more.
  2. They are easier to care for, but when it comes to maintenance, you will need to use products designed for the type of material.
  3. Furthermore, they cannot be styled with hair straighteners or blow dryers, unless they are made with HD (Heat Defiant) fiber, and you should be aware of what temperature is appropriate to do so.
  4. Some synthetic wigs do not last long in good condition, the maximum they can last is 1 year.
  5. They do not allow color changes
  6. Most of them are cheaper

Natural hair wigs

  1. Because they come from a natural medium, visibly look and feel better.
  2. Allows for more versatility of changes, hairstyles, and makeovers
  3. Can be blow-dried, flat ironed, curled, colored, and bleached.
  4. Depending on where they come from, they may have more shine than others.
  5. They are more expensive than synthetic hair
  6. They require a lot of care, since they no longer have a source of nutrients, more substances than normal must be supplied to maintain them.

Once explained the different materials of wigs that there are, and before deciding on one, think about the use you are going to give it. If you are a person with alopecia or an oncology patient, and you want to wear it all day long the best recommendation is the use of hair prosthesis or custom-made wigs and if you still have any doubt please contact us through our communication channels, and soon we will help you with advice.

We provide our customers with Chinese prices with Italian quality and style, therefore, maximum beauty at the lowest price in the world market.

Xiufei Wu

Autora: Xiufei Wu

Xiufei Wu is an expert in hair restoration and has been working in this field for more than 20 years. She has an engineering degree from Qingdao University of Science and Technology with honors (1998). In the year 2000 he began working on the creation and commercialization of hair prostheses and wigs and then in 2005 he founded his personal company New lacecu wig co, which today has hundreds of companies (hairdressers and wig shops) among its clients and thousands of private customers. She today is considered one of the leading experts in China in the manufacture and marketing of hair prostheses and wigs.
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