Men’s hair systems… is the mixed hair patch the best of all?

Mixed hair systems are one of the best prostheses for men, but also a little known and little tidy system in our store. Today we will describe these prostheses well, and we hope to enlighten you on their many advantages.

Meanwhile, for those who do not know it, let’s describe them, it is about 2-base hair prostheses, in the front a totally invisible cord, with individual, perfectly bleached, lace knots and behind a knotted skin of medium thickness.

The prostheses are completely handmade, they measure 24 cm by 20 cm (which can be easily cut to the different sizes that each client needs) and with a 15 cm long hair. Here you can see and order your mixed hair systems.

But what are the advantages of this non-surgical hairpiece?

  1. The lace front perimeter ensures a totally natural first line. So you can comb your hair back without any problem
  2. The lace is strong and durable.

The mixed hair systems skin sector assures you different advantages

  1. Strong adherence: In fact few people know it, but if you do sports the best prosthesis is undoubtedly the skin or the polyurethane, since it ensures greater adherence on the surface and prevents the glue from passing to the hair when you sweat. That is why athletes who are experts in the use of prostheses always prefer leather to lace.
  2. Resistance to the passage of time: This leather is very resistant and will allow your hair to last a long time and always look good and soft.
  3. Ease of maintenance: The leather is very easy to adhere and especially to clean when it is time for its weekly or fortnightly maintenance.

The mixed hair prostheses thus ensure the advantages of the two best-selling bases, skin and lace. Optimizing its advantages and minimizing its disadvantages at the same time.

hair systems

In fact, the main drawback of the lace is the care and maintenance, which with this base is avoided by 90% in the case of mixed hair prostheses, while with those of skin to have an invisible front, you have to opt for thicker thicknesses. Thin and therefore fragile. This defect is avoided with this type of base.

And what is the best male hair prosthesis for you? Do you prefer other bases?

You can see all our hair prostheses for men here.

Remember that you can always leave a comment with your ideas.

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