Does the hair system come off easily? Can it fly in wind? and what if they pull your hair?

These are some of the most common questions about new generation hair implants and wigs. Those who do not know these answers and have thought about using hair prostheses as an option, constantly ask themselves these questions: does the hair system come off easily? Does it move if there is wind? Will it drop if I fight, and they pull the hair? Can it suddenly come off and make me look strange in front of everyone if I play sports?

These fears are sparked by a series of comic strips that show men or women wearing implausible toupees or wigs, simply strapping on their heads and flying off with the first wind, or twisting on the victim’s head, or in ridiculous brawls. They come off the first time, in order to make people laugh.

Are the new generation hair prostheses and wigs really safe?

Is this really so? Are they really that insecure? Does the hair prosthesis come off easily? You can be sure, that modern hair prostheses do not move an inch if there are strong winds, if you do a lot of sports or if you unfortunately argue with someone and get into a fight (but please try not to, it is always better to talk than to fight with others, even if your hair doesn’t move an inch). We recorded some videos to show you that modern hair implants are totally safe.

Here is a video using the capillary prosthesis in the pool:

Here is another video, doing sports (sweating a lot), with strong wind:

As you can see, the prosthesis does not move a millimeter, so you should not be afraid.

Modern hair implants don’t come off easily, they don’t fly in the wind, they don’t come off if you have a fight with someone, and they try to pull your hair out.

Can you do any activity using a modern hair prosthesis or wig?

Modern wigs and hair thickenings will be glued to your skin with very strong and resistant adhesives (hypoallergenic and suitable for human use), which will give your hair a unique and permanent hold, identical to the strength of real hair.

Therefore, you can play sports, run, sweat, bathe, swim and also (but we repeat, try not to) fight with some rival or contender. Among the wearers of hair prostheses there are also professional athletes, many footballers, many pilots, some boxers and professional fighters. So rest assured that, if you have this doubt, it is a totally unfounded fear.

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