How to decide the style of a wig haircut

Would you like to choose a completely different haircut to get a new wig hairstyle?


In according with our pluriannual experience we have gained in the hair system and in the hair styles’ world, we are happy to lead you and to give you some advices to choose well your hair system or your new hairstyle, just the one which is taylor-made for you. Infact each of us wants always to improve his look, to increase his self-aesteem or we just want to change our look for a coming love story…. We often have some questions just like these: “ How do I look?” or “am I ok with this haircomb or is it too much?”

Generally it is quite difficult for us to choose the right hairstyle maybe because we are influenced by the last trends or by our friends’ opinions but we should pay attention to the words of our heart and we should also pay attention to our aesthetic eye.

That’s right, the perfect beauty of our new hairstyle also depends on our observation skill because a wonderfull hairstyle should fit well with our face!

We should choose those hairstyles which enhance the qualities of our face and which minimize our imperfections.

Lets discover some of these hairstyles:

 There is usually a clue we can follow: the shape of the hair should be completly different from our face shape. For example, if you have a square face, you should smooth your face corners by choosing a soft scaled haircut or you can choose some waves.

  • If you know your face shape, you will be able to take some more “brave” decisions about your right haircut. To know it, move your hair away from your face by using a comb. Stand in front of the mirror , so you will be able to see well your face.

By using a washable marker, or a lipstick or a lip pencil draw the border lines of your face and give a look to your reflected image.

  • Discover the skills of a round face. This kind of face has got some soft and curved lines, the chin too is curved. The forehead and the chin are large, but the cheeks are a little bit
    • Here your perfect hairstyles for your face features: a long and bobbed hair ending nearby the chin, a bang, some long and scaled haircut.
    • Which are the styles that enhance your features: a curly or waved hairstyle that you can create by using a curling iron, you can gather your hair in a classic way with a side forelock or you can choose some long and thick bangs.
    • Avoid some defined haircuts just like the classic bobbed hair.

wig haircut bobbed

  • Determine if you have a square face. If you have a square face it will be larger on the jaw zone , on the cheek zone and on the forehead
    • The haircuts which will enhance your somatic traits are: some long and streight but gradually scaled haircuts, an oblique bobbed hair with a longer hair in the forehead zone, some asymmetrical and scaled haircut, or a bang which falls on the eyes.
    • Which are the perfect hairstyles for you? Try the curly hair. If you want to tie your hair, try to comb it behind and create a pony tail or a chignon ( this will reduce the dimensions of your jaw).
    • Avoid the straight bang and the bobbed hair up to par: those two hairstyles enhance the jaw instead of minimizing it.

hair style cut

  • Look if your face is oval. This kind of face has got the same proportions as the round one, but it is The chin and the forehead have more or less the same amplitude, while the cheeks are a bit larger; The lines which connect the cheeks with the chin are soft.
    • Which haircuts are perfect for you? An oval face can be easly enhanced by many kind of haircut. Just choose the feature you prefer and enhance it with your comb.

Have you got a very nice bone structure? You can choose a bobbed scaled haircut which will enhance the chin.

Some wonderfull eyes? Choose some straight bangs or some side bangs and everybody will be captured by your look.

    • Hairstyles that enhance your traits: tied hairstyle, just like a shell hairstyle.

oval face haircut

  • Try to understand if you have a heart-shaped face This kind of face is primarly defined by a pointed and by a tight chin, the forehead will be large. The cheeks have more or less the same amplitude or a little bit
    • Which kind of haircut are perfect for you? A perfect haircut for you are some side bangs that touch the hairbrows and it will minimize the chin feature. A bobbed hair is also ok. Avoid the scaled hairstyles because they enhance the chin.
    • Which haircomb is perfect for you? Try a shell hairstyle, it will give more volume to the higher section of the head.
    • Try to flatten your hair, or it will loose volume.

heart shaped face

  • Consider if you have a triangle-shaped face. This kind of face is exaclty the opposite of the heart-shaped one. This means that it has got a less wide and angular chin, while the forehead is more narrow and
    • Which haircuts enhance your face features? You can choose a haircut that has got a long side hair tuft or a hair scaled to the jaw. Short haircuts are perfect for this kind of face. You can also choose a longer hairstyle, the most important thing is that the haircut should reach the collarbone.
    • Here we have all styles that enhance you: try a disordered pony tail, in this way the hair will frame your face in a saucy way.
    • Try to avoid a too tied hair , it will move your hair away from your face.

triangle-shaped face

  • Check if you have a diamond-shaped face. In this case you will have some large cheeks , thin chin and a thin
    • Which are the haircuts that enhance your face lines: try some straight and thick bangs or a haircut that will give you a bigger width on the chin zone, just like a bobbed hair finishing in this zone.
    • Here there are all haircombs that are perfect for you: a pony tail or, if you have some bangs, a chignon.
    • Pay attention to some hairstyles that need a line in the middle or they will join a bigger height on the top of the head.

diamond-shaped face

  • Give a look if you have a long face. This kind of face keeps its proportions from the top to the bottom. This means that the forehead, the cheeks and the chin have more or less the same amplitude, and they are quiet
    • Here there are all haircuts that enhance you: a side hair tuft that touches the hairbrows, or a bobbed hair that reaches the chin, they are perfect to create an illusion of amplitude. You should prefer the short haircuts; don’t choose a long haircut because it will extend your face.
    • The perfect hairstyles for you are: a curly or a waved hair that is perfect to join width.
    • Avoid some hairstyles that create a long effect and all haircuts that go beyond the collarbone.

long face haircut


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