Hair-prothesis.. Lace vs Skin: WHICH IS THE BEST BASE?

Today we will speak about the two most used basis for new generation hair-prothesis.

In the 80’s the most used basis were composed by the thick sylicon or by the rigid monofilament
(both of those basis were very strong, but those material didn’t let the skin transpire very much and
they were very visible) today, in 2020, the coolest basis which are used to create some modern and
invisible tricological hair-system are the lace and the skin.

In our blog we often spoke about those two materials, in some different articles, we advice you to
read in the index of the box if you want to learn more about those two materials.
Than you can find here our hair-prothesis for men

woman here

How you can see some different hair-prothesis and wigs, the 80%, today are composed by those two
materials or they are composed by a mix of both.
In this article we fastly compare those two basis, and we will explain their strengths and their
deepnesses, so if you are undecided because you ust don’t know which base to use, you know all
benefits and all disadvantages of each base and you will be able to take a more conscious decision.
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In the meantime, lets speak about basis, what they are and which are their benefits and strengths:
The lace is a toulle with some holes to let the skin transpire… it is composed by a very thin base
in nylon to knot the hair.
The hair are injected with some single knots (in the front), double knots or multiple knots behind
the base.
Than knots are bleach  to give a natural effect to the skin
So it is a base which has got some differents benefits:

1 It has a perfect transpiration:
In fact it will be just like you aren’t wearing it and you will forgive about it till the maintenance day.
2 A completly invisible front:
Thanks to the subtlety of the base and thanks to the excellent anchor of the hair… for a lot of people
the fronts composed by lace are the more natural base in all market of the modern and newgeneration hair-prothesis.
3 The base is very strong
In the french lace version, or in the korean version 0,10 but in the Swiss lace version too the
thinniest and fragile lace is very strong during the time, so it is an excellent base for those who want
some strong systems.

The skin is a thin polyurethane where the hair is injected with a knot or by injection, in the
first case we will call it “knotted skin”, in the second case “injected skin”.

This base has got a lot of benefits:
1 It is easy to put on

So it is an excellent base for inexpert people or for companies who want to instal their hair-
prothesis in a fast and easy way and who don’t want to loose any time.

2. In the same way it is easy to clean

So it is a perfect thickening-system for those who want to have a back his hair, but without loosing
any time with a difficult maintenance or any difficult installation.

3 A very strong adhesion

… in fact unlike the lace which is a net, the skin is a film, and the glue has got adherence on all
base and this will ensure you a strong and longer adhesion ,,, the glue never pass the base during the
time.. so it is also a perfect base for those who want a long installation.

4 In the super thin skin 0.01 and 0,02 the frontal effect is really very natural

5 In the injected and in single knotted basis the line effect is just like the natural one.

So, just like you can see both kind of basis have a lot of benefits and strengths and this is why
they are so wanted today in 2020 in the hair-prothesis world. Customers and sellers always
ask for them!


Just like in all things in the life those basis too have some negative elements that you should


1 It has got a difficult maintenance and that because it is a tulle so it must be cleaned each week (
you can’t do a maintenance following a longer time because the glue would pass the base and it
would touch the roots ofthe hair) and it is difficult to do, you should use some special metodes to
clean the glue, and many models or hair-dressers find them very long and boring just like the mirror
metode, the one we spoke yet in our blog, but if you don’t know it i advice you to read about it.
2. It is very important the kind of base and the kind of manual work, in few words the

company is very important.

In the lace system there are many important aspects that should be respected to get the hair-
prothesis completly natural.

1 The base, must be composed by lace the original one and not by some dh imitations that some
companies sell and those imitations won’t adapt to skin with some different colours ( especially
europeans) because they are visible under many lights.
2 The anchorage work must be do with some single knots, a frontal graduation and with a natural
direction… that’s whywe receive from some companies some hair-prothesisin lace which are just
like some old generation toupees, because those companies, to save money during the production,
allow some inexpert people to anchorage the hair ( those workers often come from some poor
countries just like the Laos,India, Nord Korea, and those people don’t make any check during the
Of course the hair-prothesis can cost a few tens of euros, but it won’t be possible to have some high
quality hair-prothesis. Hair-prothesis need a very important manual-work and today the only
persons who can do it are the Chinese people even if this work costs three times more than the
others of others countries nearby.

3 Whiting of the knots, it is very important for the different elements.

A This work must completly cover the knots
B It shouldn’t be too strong or the hair will fall down
C It mustn’t touch the base and the beginning of the hair or you will have a yellowish skin or a hair
which is blonde at the beginnig and it is darker in the rest of the hair.


What about the skin? Has got the skin some negative elements we should consider befor
buying the hair-prothesis?

1 It has a lower transpirability comparing it with the lace
It is a full base, composed by plastic, and it hasn’t got the same transpirability of the lace, this
matter can be solved asking for some micro-holes or by choosing the thinniest basis

2 It presents some nois if it is scratched
What?? If i scratch my head there will some noise? Yes, if the system isn’t well attached to the skin
there will be some noise when you scratch your head… a particular noise.. obviously it is a defect
which isn’t so important, but you have to know it and to consider it.

3 The shining
If it isn’t an original base, but a fake production Dc (which is very popular among Asiatic low cost companies) the skin isn’t completly natural and it has got a shining which is very visible under some
lights. Than this kind of basis aren’t for every kind of skin unlike the original skin haven’t any

4 The front isn’t invisible in the middle skin or in thick skins
Yes,if you choose some middle basis 0,08 or 0,12 the front won’t be completly invisible, so you will
have to avoid to comb your hair at the back.

5 The super-thin basis are fragile
The 0,01 and the 0,02 skins are today the most natural hair-prothesis in the world, but in the
mean-time they are very fragile too, so if you are looking for some tricological hair-system which
have a lomg duration you can’t choose those basis.

6 The importance of the ventilation and the importance of the work
For those basis too , if you order them from some companies who give the anchorage work to other
countries ( just like the Laos, India, or North Korea) you will have some hair-system cheeper but
they won’t be so natural.
It is very important for those thickening systems to have a standard anchorage, which is checked
and individual, only in this way the hair-dress will be natural and believable.

So which is the best hair-system? The skin or the lace?

Just like you saw both of those systems have some disadvantages and some benefits, so you
should consider which are the most important for you, you can try both and you can choose
following your special needs which is the best base for you.
Remember there are some mixed base which have the benefits of the skin but they habe the benefits
of the lace too and this kind of base could maybe be better than a hair -system.
I hope you anjoyied this article and if you have any questions contact us or visit our web-site

Giuseppe Vesconsi

Autor: Giuseppe Vescosi

Giuseppe Vescosi is a digital marketing agent for Newlacecu wig co. He discovered modern hair implants back in 1995, for personal reasons (he suffers from alopecia areata universal) He was one of the first experts in America and later in Europe on modern hair systems, writing several articles and dealing with them in various forums. In 2006 he traveled to China and got to know the main Asian hair prosthesis factories, later establishing a long-term collaboration with Xiufei Wu's Newlaecu wig company. Today he is considered an important expert in hair prostheses, their construction and use. In addition, in these 30 years he has never stopped studying the causes of alopecia and baldness and the alternatives for people with this condition.
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