Which is the best hair system in the world? Is it the most expensive one? 

People often ask us “Which is the best hair system in the world?” Is it the most expensive?

People ask us “A Company sells a hair prothesis at the price of 20,000 euros and I think this is the best one in the world”. Are your hair-prothesis similar?

Or another example is: “This company says that their systems are made of a new material, and they are the only ones who use it. The material is certified, is it better than your hair prothesis?”

Or again “I ask you because it costs 20 times more than your prothesis, and honestly I haven’t so much money, so if your non-surgical hair systems  are similar I’d prefer to order them by you”

The answers to all these questions

If you are already expert of this world, the world of hair-thickening, you should know the answer but if you are new, read well this article, because it will be very useful for you.

You know, in the 70s and 80s till the beginning of 2000 there were few companies in the world that sold hair prothesis, and the sellers of these companies wore a doctor-gown while dealing with customers.

They asked also to the customer to sign a contract before installing a hair prothesis (because they were real hair prothesis, and they were very different from the modern hair systems we have today).

The system was never shown to the customer till its installation and the sellers used complex sentences to confuse the customer and make him pay much more.

Customer paid prothesis more than gold, someone in a year spent the same sum of a house, a lot of people spent the sum of a car…

Everybody were tricked by the lack of information and by an unethical selling method…

That was often helped unfortunately by the happy cooperation of a lot of hairdressers who for each installation earned a lot of money and in this way they were very interested in the success of those companies.

Then, how you know (if you are in this world for a long time), with the appearing of the web and of the direct companies, the costs had gone down and many of these companies went bankrupt.

Actually, especially in the UK, in Spain, Los Angeles and some other nations of the East Europe, some of those companies still exist, their websites show some very confused photos and some indications which explain everything and nothing at the same time and the final costs are very very very high just like a lot of time ago.

On the website there are some of their videos where the hair-base is never shown, where they speak about prices and where sellers often wear doctor’s-gown….


So which is the best hair system in the world?

The most expensive? Of course the best hair-prothesis isn’t the most expensive one, don’t trust in companies that have high prices out of the marketing and that believe to have a unique product that no-one has, they only want to trick you.

Always ask for some photos of the hair base and don’t sign any contract, you are buying a texil product and not a house, don’t trust in those who have very low prices (you will risk receiving some carnival wigs instead of professional toupee) if you receive them (I often see some advertisements of hair prothesis on Instagram, and then I read the customer’s reviews where they explain how they have received a completely different hair system or that they didn’t receive it).

Trust in those who can give you all information on the hair-system you are ordering and trust in those who can send you some photos or videos of the system (just like Newlacecu does). 

Which is the best prothesis in the world? 

The best prothesis in the world is the tailor made one.

We are in an aesthetic sector, that can be compared with the plastic surgery on, this is a sector in which your personal choices are more important than common choices; you will be able to understand which is the best hair prothesis system for you by seeing the different bases and by thinking about your needs and by trying them. 

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