How should the maintenance of the new self-adhesive capillary prosthesis be done?

Today we are going to talk about this new product that is having great success.

As you know, it is a capillary system in skin or skin that does not require glue or adhesives because it has already inserted in its base a layer of glue whose duration of membership varies from 4 to 6 months.

Many are asking us, how to manage the maintenance they do weekly or every 15 days to clean their skin. So I have to write this short article with the different steps to follow.

  1. Gently remove the system from your head, you will notice the groups of glues. Do not worry.
  2. Proceed, if glue remains on your skin, to clean the skin and shave it perfectly.
  3. In a bowl put warm water and shampoo or reconstructive cream and proceed to soak the system, gently washing the hair and the base.
  4. Remove after washing the container system and replace the protective film on the wet base.
  5. With a hair dryer proceed to dry the base of the bottom and then the hair.
  6. Lift the protective film and you will notice that there are no more pieces of glue.
  7. With the dryer, dry the base a little more.
  8. Proceed to put the system back on the head and with the fingertips hold a little.

You can resume your life, maintenance has finished very fast.

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