2019 the great news in hairpieces!!!

Our factory has come a long way in these years of activity ‘and now  the technological advances obtained have helped to create a more natural-looking hair system  than before and at the same time even more’ comfortable in use.

The skin systems are so soft, they can adapt to any curvature of the scalp and give a completely natural look without compromising the comfort factor.

Lace bases have been the favorite in the Hairpieces sector for a long time, as they ensure perfect invisibility and breathability.

Lace, in particular Swiss and French, are very popular bases, ideal for the production of high quality hair prostheses.

But with the introduction of thin, transpiring and now even self-adhesive skin there has been a further leap forward in the hair prostheses industry.

Creating 100% natural looking hair has become easier for customers now.

If you ask us which is better, we will tell you that both the lace and the polyurethane bases are good.

It depends on the specific needs of the customers who then allow us and them to decide on the best material for their specific needs.

We have three types of polyurethane bases on offer.

We always ask our customers to visit our website and check the details of each variety before placing the order


The skin bases are made of polyurethane, a polymeric material, produced by mixing two or more elements.

Super-thin and smooth.

Wearing a hair system in skin there will be perfect transpiration,  a further step forward than before.

But the best feature of the product is the kind of natural appearance it can provide.

The thin skin is simply for those who want a totally undetectable base, easy to use and comfortable.

Then the autoglued bases  ARE  a step ahead of the first skin because it avoids maintenance and adhesion for a good 6 months.

The aautoglued Skin is specially designed for people who want to forget to use a system.

We have received very positive feedback on this product from both new and old customers.

After spending years in this business, we have succeeded in developing an invisible and maintenance-free basis.

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