Can aloe vera heal alopecia and baldness?

Aloe Vera, also called plant of wonders, is a real panacea. Widely used for solving a series of skin pathologies, it is an excellent and valid help for curing hair loss and for one’s hair health and beauty.

Aloe Vera properties against alopecia and hair loss

In addition to having anti-inflammatory, immunostimulatory and purifying virtues, indeed it allows us to expel toxins from our body, it also has crucial qualities for curing alopecia. It has keratolytic properties, that is, it dissolves the stratum corneum of the epidermis allowing eliminating excess sebum which blocks hair bulbs, not allowing hair to grow, and also eliminates all the dead cells and bacteria on the skin. It recreates, therefore, a healthy condition for the scalp, favoring a strong and reinvigorated hair regrowth.

Moreover, its use produces an alkalinization, which manages to restore the pH of the scalp to its normal levels, making the hair hydrated and soft. Furthermore, it increases blood circulation, supplying oxygen and nutrients for the hair bulb resulting in a regeneration of the same. Lastly, it helps diminish itch and reddening due to alopecia.

Can aloe vera heal alopecia and baldness

This plant contains:

  • Vitamins A, C, E, B12.
  • Various minerals such as zinc, magnesium, chrome, calcium, potassium e sodium.
  • Various enzymes, called proteolytic such as peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase, which prevent excessive inflammation and intervene on it.

Its therapeutic properties, in the scope of pathologies which affect or determine alopecia, derive from the very bitter gelatinous substance contained within it, which serves to cure scalp pathologies. The most effective method to take full advantage of Aloe Vera properties is using the gel directly extracted from its leaves. To obtain the gel it is necessary to cut a leaf longitudinally in two parts, the gel which is found within it can be extracted with a spoon and preserved inside a glass container.

Aloe Vera and baldness

Below some do-it-yourself remedies:

Shampoo against alopecia

Mix with a wooden or plastic spoon (don’t use metal) 60 ml of Castiglia soap, 60 ml of aloe gel, 5ml of glycerin and 1 ml of vegetable oil and, at will, some drops of essential oil, for instance such as rosemary essential oil, very useful for curing dry and weaken hair.

Pour the whole thing in a vial using a funnel and proceed with the normal washing while massaging gently, but deeply. This shampoo can be used daily, shake the container well every time you use it.

Aloe Vera and coconut mask for weaken hair

Inside a container, mix three spoons of gels and two spoons of coconut oil until everything is well amalgamated. Apply it on your hair from the root to the extremity, cover your head with a shower cap and let it rest for about an hour, then wash as usual. Exfoliating Aloe Vera and green clay mask, to stop hair loss.

This mask removes dead cells from the scalp, contributes to a better oxygenation of hair follicles and help for hair regrowth. Put in a container 6 spoons of gel, 1 spoon of green clay and one spoon of olive oil, mix until you obtain a creamy paste, let it rest for 30 minutes and then rinse well. Apply it once a week.

Dandruff treatment based on Aloe Vera and honey

Honey, as well as aloe, has antibacterial and antifungals principles, which reduce scalp infections. This mask helps maintain hair soft and hydrated and restrain excessive hair loss. Mix 3 spoons of aloe gel with 3 spoons of honey, apply and massage, let it act for about twenty minutes and then rinse.

Compress based on Aloe Vera and lemon for alopecia

This treatment is one of the most effective to regularize pH alterations of the scalp. Both ingredients are antibacterial and antifungal, favoring a strong and healthy growth. Pour 3 spoons of aloe and two spoons of lemon in a container.

Mix and obtain a homogeneous compound. Massage for a long time and let it act for 40 minutes, after that rinse normally and repeat this operation a couple of times a week.

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