Brotzu lotion from fidia, story of an announced failure, is it a fraud?

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Today we are going to talk about the famous Brotzu lotion.

Giovanni Brotzu took part in SI tri 2018 introducing his lotion, the Brotzu lotion, which everyone has been talking about in the last few years.

According to the doctor, this lotion would solve most of alopecia cases, not only alopecia areata ones, but also androgenic ones.

Its commercialization was given to Fidia company years ago and the lotion has been recently patented by Fida itself.

In these years, as we have said, people have been talking a lot about this lotion and it has been loaded with many expectations, both by people suffering from alopecia areata and by no profit organizations which are interested in alopecia areata, and by many men and women suffering from aga, who have talked about the lotion in many forum related to this aesthetic pathology: from Bellicapelli, for example, to forum ieson; where a lot of posts have been opened about it, with thousands of views and exchanges of ideas.

So the doctor’s visit at Si tri 2018 was full of expectations, everyone couldn’t wait to see photos and commercialization dates. But unfortunately, it all became a useless soap bubble and there were many criticisms from the participants.

The doctor indeed, after all this time and the many expectations, showed very little photographic material and talked about things which everyone knows about the lotion for not more than 20 minutes.

He presented at Si tri only two cases and even with poor regrowth. One of these had better result in the first 3 months than the first 6 but, according to the doctor himself, that was because the photos were not well presented.

Is it possible that, for such an important discussion, photos are presented in wrong chronological order?

This is what many asked themselves.

Polemics were fierce on many social, in particular on this forum

How is it possible that after all this time of trades  only two cases are presented from doctor Brotzu and even with poor results?

This is what many said, including some forum users at the summit of ieson, moderators and administrators.

Is it possible that all the expectations about this lotion find, as an answer, such poor and inconclusive material?

Rightly, many forum users criticized the presentation and many trichologists joined these critics too, asking direct outspoken questions to the doctor at Si tri.

The doctor in these years has presented his lotion as resolutive even for more than 70% of the treated cases, he asserted the same at Si tri.

Then we ask ourselves, rightly, why make such a presentation, without appropriate photographic material and also which is very short and confusing?

The day after, then, a forum user known to many as the doctor’s son, Giuseppe Brotzu, but for many others simply just a fake, presented other photos. The photos were about a patient who were using a homemade cream, not one by Fidia. And this fact increased the criticisms on social networks.

How is it possible to present results from a homemade lotion  instead of the many trades of Fidia lotion brotzu?

Until now we can say that Fidia, which should have already released the lotion time ago, hasn’t fixed a release date yet. It doesn’t answer people’s requests. It is not very clear if it is a marketing choice or because the lotion isn’t working.

Trades haven’t been exposed and therefore it is possible that the lotion, as many other advertised products with lots of expectations to cure alopecia, risks being a failure and creating disappointment.

After all curing alopecia would be something revolutionary and very great, since it would change many people’s appearance.

And by how they are handling the lotion, it wouldn’t seem to be in front of something like that.

We abstain from giving a judgement, we simply describe what the rumors are on social network and in the national and international tricho dermatological field.

It could also be a simple communicative incapacity, but the data we have makes a lot of people fear that this lotion doesn’t give the expected results.

Only time will give us an answer. In the meantime we will be waiting for news about the release date, hoping that it won’t be delayed anymore since they already talked about its commercialization in 2016.

And we hope that people can finally try this lotion so full of expectations and hopes.

For those who want to stay up to date about the lotion and its developments, I recommend reading this topic in the ieson forum

Here you can find all the news about it, not just controversy.

And if it will be finally released, even if doubts increase day by day, in this ieson topic you will certainly know before anyone else.

Giuseppe Vesconsi

Autor: Giuseppe Vescosi

Giuseppe Vescosi is a digital marketing agent for Newlacecu wig co. He discovered modern hair implants back in 1995, for personal reasons (he suffers from alopecia areata universal) He was one of the first experts in America and later in Europe on modern hair systems, writing several articles and dealing with them in various forums. In 2006 he traveled to China and got to know the main Asian hair prosthesis factories, later establishing a long-term collaboration with Xiufei Wu's Newlaecu wig company. Today he is considered an important expert in hair prostheses, their construction and use. In addition, in these 30 years he has never stopped studying the causes of alopecia and baldness and the alternatives for people with this condition.

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