⚫ 6 Tips for buying a trichologic systems with white hairs (THEY WORK!)

Among the customers who buy hair systems, there are often people who, for necessity or aesthetic choice, have to order a percentage of white hairs, therefore a trichologic system with white hairs.

In www.newlacecu.com it is possible to buy both stock and custom trichologic systems with different percentages of white hairs. With custom we mean a hair system which is created from scratch and it is customized based on the customer’s requests.

Here below we give some tips to those who have or want to buy a system with white hairs.


  1. If the system is partial and you have side hairs with white hairs, when ordering take into account your percentage of white hairs, in order to avoid too much contrast with the color of your native hair. People often exceed, in order to appear younger, asking for a system with a much lower percentage of white hairs; in this case, then, they risk to have noticeable difference with the side ones. Or, on the contrary, they ask for too much white hairs and, also in this case, the contrast would be noticed.
    As always the right is in the middle.
    However, we want to make clear that between these two choices
    (asking for too much or not enough whit hairs), asking for less is always better than more. In nature the first white hairs often appear on temples and on sides, so a hair system with less white hairs doesn’t create contrast from a naturalness point of view. On the contrary, instead, a system which is much more white than side hairs would be more at risk of being exposed.
  2. Take always into consideration if ordering synthetic or human white hairs. We remind you, indeed, that if you order them natural and the system discolors over time, when you have the bath of color you will lose the percentage of white hairs. This is a mistake which even hairdressers often make, who instead should have experience and are paid by customers to help them make a better order. If you pick, instead, synthetic white hairs you will always be able to have bath of color with no risks of losing the percentage of white hairs. Therefore, when ordering, you absolutely have to consider if you want to keep the system for a long time, thus having bath of color or not.
    We recommend you to order white synthetic hairs if their percentage is less than 40-60%, on the other hand if it is higher you should order human ones, since they will allow you to have better hair.
  3. You should also consider the prices, since the wallet is always important. If you order a high percentage of white human hairs the price will be higher of few tens of dollar because they are harder to find.
  4. Knotted systems with high percentages of white hairs.
    In this case we recommend you to ask for a greater percentage on the front (10-20% more than the rest of the system). This way you will have a completely invisible and very resistant front, since its knots won’t need to be bleached.
  5. If you pick white human hairs, use products that protect from UVA rays, so as to avoid that they become yellow over time. This is indeed the great defect of white human hairs, they tend to become yellow.
  6. If you choose curly and long hair and you have a percentage of white hairs, we recommend you white human hairs from experience. In these cases, they keep a better quality and longevity over time.

How to live the hair system?

That being said, we remind you all to live hair systems lightly and experience by yourselves the best options for your specific needs.

They are aesthetic products which depend a lot on our personal view of aesthetics.

Giuseppe Vesconsi

Autor: Giuseppe Vescosi

Giuseppe Vescosi is a digital marketing agent for Newlacecu wig co. He discovered modern hair implants back in 1995, for personal reasons (he suffers from alopecia areata universal) He was one of the first experts in America and later in Europe on modern hair systems, writing several articles and dealing with them in various forums. In 2006 he traveled to China and got to know the main Asian hair prosthesis factories, later establishing a long-term collaboration with Xiufei Wu's Newlaecu wig company. Today he is considered an important expert in hair prostheses, their construction and use. In addition, in these 30 years he has never stopped studying the causes of alopecia and baldness and the alternatives for people with this condition.
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