What is a trichological system?

Surfing the internet, searching on Google or on many other websites, you can often read the definition trichological system.

But what is a trichological system?

The trichological system it is nothing but a modern system of no surgical hair reproduction or more simply a hair system.

Trichological system

An old generation wig must not be confused with a trichological system.

Indeed, a wig is used just to cover baldness but is mobile, thick and not so credible, therefore it is something which doesn’t reproduce the user’s original hair, but simply cover all baldness spots.

A trichological system, instead, recreates in every aspect the user’s hair.

It consists of an impalpable base which is fixed to the skin using hypoallergenic glues and, once in contact with the skin itself, it completely disappears.

On this base are inserted the hairs by hand one by one so that it creates perfect and natural hair.

trichological system

A man or a woman who wears the trichological system will have a completely normal life.

So they will be able to comb their hair as they wish, even all back and with high tails. Or they will be able to practice sports, also at competitive levels, without any problems. And they also will be able to swim, get their hair wet and keep the trichological system on their head for more days, without any problems.

For them, given the fantastic transpiration of the base, it will be like having the hair they once had back, so without any annoying sensations of foreign body.

But then what are the limits of trichological systems?

Are we facing a total and definitive solution for alopecia?

From an aesthetic, sensations and possibilities of life and sports point of view, we can say that trichological systems are in all and for all identical to natural hair.

However there are 3 fundamental limits, which the neophyte must know before wearing these systems.

  1. Hairs don’t grow, they will always have the same length, so it is always better, before the installation, to not exaggerate with cuts, since there will always be further time to shorten hairs length at a later time.
  2. Every few days, on average 8-10 days, it will be necessary to remove the system in order to clean its base and the skin from glue residue. Thing that for some users is a burden which is not wanted. In that case, if you have total alopecia, we recommend the total trichological system vacuum, which sticks to the skin without the use of glues or tapes.
  3. Trichological systems need to be changed every few months with a new one, so they don’t last for all life, but tend to wear out.

So, those who are going to buy a trichological system, must first calculate how much it will cost and they will spend during their life to change it with a new one in order to be able to always have a perfect and natural hair, and they must check if they will be able to support this cost for all their lives.

Trichological systems guarantee a perfect aesthetic solution.

That being said, for those who suffer from alopecia or baldness and don’t like themselves with no hairs, we can affirm, without fear of denial, that trichological systems guarantee a perfect aesthetic, painless, quick and definitive solution to baldness itself.

In our website www.newlacecu.com you can see lots of photos about modern trichological systems and, if you are interested to interact with those who use them, you can sign up to the biggest forum about hair replacement system in USA following this link www.hairsystems-wigs.com

Nowadays, with trichological systems, a definitive answer to all the aesthetic problems linked to alopecia and baldness exists.

Giuseppe Vesconsi

Autor: Giuseppe Vescosi

Giuseppe Vescosi is a digital marketing agent for Newlacecu wig co. He discovered modern hair implants back in 1995, for personal reasons (he suffers from alopecia areata universal) He was one of the first experts in America and later in Europe on modern hair systems, writing several articles and dealing with them in various forums. In 2006 he traveled to China and got to know the main Asian hair prosthesis factories, later establishing a long-term collaboration with Xiufei Wu's Newlaecu wig company. Today he is considered an important expert in hair prostheses, their construction and use. In addition, in these 30 years he has never stopped studying the causes of alopecia and baldness and the alternatives for people with this condition.
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