A wig manufacturer sues Nicky Minaj for 30 million dollars

A wig manufacturer sued the famous Nicky Minaj, claiming damages for 30 million dollars.

But fortunately the singer reached an agreement with the prosecutor, Terrence Davidson, her ex wig supplier.

The lawsuit, which the wig manufacture interposed in 2014 for the astronomical figure of 30 million dollars, has been finally retired, although the terms of resolution are confidential.

Nicky Minaj wig
Nicky Minaj

According to the website The Jasmine Brand, the singer has her wig brand with characteristic nuances and drawings. A business which brings great benefits for the sales and her intake, but copied base and techniques of other manufacturers.

Davidson accused her to plagiarize the

drawings he specifically made for her and so to make profit from it using his artistic ideas.

The sentence

However, the judge at first instance rejected the suit in favor of Minaj because there was no signed document or contract, not because there was no plagiarism.

The wig manufacture appealed to the court, which has finally admitted the compensation of $ 30 million for the damage done, for the existence of a “verbal” agreement, in which the American singer promised to use wigs in a personal way, not for commercial purposes, as she did.

In the end, Friday April 1st 2016, both Nicky Minaj and the manufacturer Terrence Davidson reached an agreement.

You can read the original news here: http://bit.ly/1VqfWZo

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