How to bleaching knots in a lace or monofilament hair system

In lace and monofilament systems, hairs are inserted at the base and then knotted. Knots are of different kinds, from the smaller ones called half to multiples and big ones. In order to have a credible hair system, these knots must be bleached, at least in the front, so it can be created a natural exit of the hair from the skin.

This element is one of many others which distinguish a good system from a not so good one.

Bleaching is an art that is learned over time and with a lot of tests. We recommend, therefore, relying on those who know how to do it and not trying to do it on your own.

In the following article, however, in case you have a hair system with visible knots, we will explain to you how to bleach them since the aim of our blog is teaching you how to be always more experts about hair systems.

Meanwhile, we tell you that if you have very light hair it doesn’t make sense bleaching the knots, since these ones will disappear in contact with your skin. We also point out that if you ordered a dark colored system 1 (a really strong black) it will be almost impossible to bleach the knots.

The bleaching of the knots is okay then for all the other colors such as not strong black, dark brown and medium-light brown.

Here are the steps which you will have to follow in order to bleach your hair systems knots.

  1. Turn your system and if you have a head lean on it.
  2. Prepare the bleaching cream, you can buy the products in any hairdresser shop, but also in general shops. The cream is prepared mixing in equal parts the bleaching dust and the cream oxidizing at 40 volumes. You will have to mix it very well and remove all the lumps. The effect must be the one of a quite compact and uniform cream.
  3. Now you will have to rub it on the base of the system very carefully. We suggest you to start from the front and go back, paying attention to not lose a single knot and to not let the cream drip on the opposite part of the system. In order to avoid this second thing, you could also put some nivea cream at the roots of the hairs, but it is not so necessary if the bleaching cream is compact and not liquid. You won’t have to press, just be gentle. You can use a stick or a brush or the tip of a rounded knife. There are different theories about it, we recommend using the brush, it is easier and it lays the product better without pressing on the base. As always most of the times the easier the better, try to avoid complex things read in some other sites.
  4. Let it rest respecting the manufacturer expected times, without exceeding or shorten them. The cream has to dry. Also remember that the darker the hair the more it has to rest.
  5. Once the cream has dried out wash the hair system.
  6. This operation should be performed at least twice in order to have a perfect bleaching.

If you follow carefully what is written, you will have perfectly bleached knots.

Anyway we suggest ordering already bleached hair systems and relying on trustworthy and competent companies, without having to perform these operations on your own, which, as we already said, need experience and gentleness.

Giuseppe Vesconsi

Autor: Giuseppe Vescosi

Giuseppe Vescosi is a digital marketing agent for Newlacecu wig co. He discovered modern hair implants back in 1995, for personal reasons (he suffers from alopecia areata universal) He was one of the first experts in America and later in Europe on modern hair systems, writing several articles and dealing with them in various forums. In 2006 he traveled to China and got to know the main Asian hair prosthesis factories, later establishing a long-term collaboration with Xiufei Wu's Newlaecu wig company. Today he is considered an important expert in hair prostheses, their construction and use. In addition, in these 30 years he has never stopped studying the causes of alopecia and baldness and the alternatives for people with this condition.

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