Hair prosthesis and non-surgical hair integration

The hair prosthesis or the non-surgical hair integration includes all the methods that allow to re-cover a bald scalp with a non-invasive method.

This includes wigs, hairpieces or wigs, trichological prostheses (also called hair systems in contact with the skin or integrated hair  systems) and orthodontic systems, such as the Newlacecu skin system.

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It should be noted that in any type of non-surgical hair integration these do not grow because they are cut, and therefore devitalized, if they are of human origin, or because they are inorganic, if they are synthetic.

Non surgical hair integration methods

Each of these methods is indicated:

  1. For those who, for health reasons, can not resort to trichological surgery;
  2. For those who want a quick result, for example to obtain a considerable amount of hair without waiting for the physiologically longer time of regrowth of the transplanted hair (autotransplantation of live hair): the nonsurgical thickening is performed immediately to the desired length;
  3. To people with very advanced baldness, large and with very scattered parieto-occipital regions;
  4. In particular forms of alopecia areata, total or universal;
  5. To people with alopecia or temporary aesthetic needs (for example, patients with chemotherapy).

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