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How are hair implants made?

Must know, that there are actually different bases. The materials generally used to produce a hair implant are: monofilament, lace, or polymeric or silicone bases. On these bases are applied the hair that can be grafted or knotted.

What are hair implants?

They are partial or total prosthetic reconstructions, which are used to integrate only a bald area to be covered. Often they are also defined: hair implant, no surgilca hair system  or hair replacement systems.

How are hair systems made?

Must know, that there are actually different bases. The materials generally used to produce a hair replacement system  are: monofilament, lace, or polymeric or silicone bases. On these bases are applied the hairs that can be grafted or knotted.

How are monofilament prostheses made?

The monofilament is a very light transparent and transpiring tulle, which allows the wearer who uses it greater transpiration as well as a longer life compared to other implants. This plant is worked entirely by hand with a knot.

How are prostheses made in Lace?

Must know that it is always a tulle as in the case of monofilament, but with a plot a little wider and definitely lighter and invisible than the monofilament. They can be worked either entirely in lace or with the classic horseshoe shape, ie with a poly edge which allows an easy application of the adhesive.

The special feature of this product is to have the invisible frontal attachment, in addition of course excellent breathability. Generally, there are different textures for this material, but the main ones must be taken into consideration: Swiss lace, or French lace.

The Swiss one has the great peculiarity of having an incredibly true front effect. These are to be understood as those used by American VIPs, and today in common use. The French one has the same characteristics as the previous one, with the difference of having a more pronounced thickness, which is more durable but also a little more visible than the Swiss one.

These hair implants are knotted at the base of the single stem with a knot that will then be bleached to hide any visual defect.

What are poly hair replacement implants?

You must know that thesehair systems  are recreated on rubber and polymeric bases. They are excellent for both fit and adherence, can be knotted or injected. They have a very natural skin effect and a remarkable scalp adhesion, therefore indicated to those people who have a dynamic and sporting life, if competitive sports are practiced.

We suggest a more frequent hygienic phase compared to lace or monofilament because it has poor transpiration. Many users of these systems keep it for several days, it should be remembered that the bond that creates with the adhesive could give rise to some annoying irritation, so remember to have a proper hygiene.

What is the difference between a grafting hair system  with a knotted hair no surgical hair replacement system?

A prosthetic prosthesis differs from a prosthesis with knotted hair for many reasons. The grafted hair is inserted manually and pushed from the top to the inside of the cap. They have a great peculiarity, in fact, always remember that an injected hair remains much softer than a knotted prosthesis. In fact, not having the bond of the node at the base, allows the hair to be definitely more free and therefore more soft to the touch.

The graft prostheses are always worked on closed or rubberized bases for which they are less breathable, such as poly, silicone or resin prostheses. He must know that has nice  systems  of grafted or injected hair implants, they have a striking appearance, do not see strange knots at the base of the implant, highlighting the skin effect of the scalp.

The knotted hair replacement systems  have a greater propensity to long life, despite sinning a little in the softness. The hair is fixed to the base (cap) through a micro knot that can be simple or double to increase its durability. Generally they are much more transpiring, since their ideal processing takes place on Lace or monofilament.

However, there are prostheses in poly knotted, which certainly allow a superior longevity of the product compared to those grafted, but in our opinion (except for some cases) we do not consider them qualitatively excelled. In reality they are a middle ground between the two products, with positive characteristics of both the one and the other system.

Can hair implants be tailored?

Yes, the  newlacecu company   is well known for the marketing of these customized capillary reproductions. With an appropriate card can: decide the length of the hair, evaluate the amount of hair to be inserted, choose the type of hair more similar to his, evaluating among infinite variations. Delivery times vary from 30 to 90  days, depending on the type of processing.

How much does a customized partial system cost in natural hair?

The costs of an excellent production plant can vary between € 4800 and € 6000, depending on the material used, the quality and length of the hair and other considerable components.

But in newlacecu you’ll meet incredible prices cause we are a factory no intermediaries.

How long do hair implants last?

It must know that there is no effective duration time that is the same and valid for all the carriers. Often it depends on the lightness with which the plant is worked. The more the base is thin and the wear will be faster and consequently it will have to be replaced every 2/4 months or so.

Sometimes obtaining a longer implant life may depend on the type of knot or grafting performed or the excessive length of the hair. In fact, remember that the longer the hair is, the faster it will fall from the base to which it is fixed. Another important factor to remember is that a graft implant lasts less than a knotted implant (about 3/6 months).

There are prostheses of hair produced on equally light bases but reinforced by double or triple knots. This certainly increases the duration of the system (about 1 year). Often the premature waste of a hair implant is also linked to poor maintenance by the wearer.

We therefore suggest a good hygienic and possibly daily phase, both of the product that you wear and of your scalp. Avoid prolonging the use of adhesives or adhesives, because in addition to dirtying the system may create itching or give rise to irritation.

Avoid discoloration or permanent, because surely besides damaging the hair irreversibly, they inevitably contribute to leave chemical deposits on the base and consequently the premature fall of the hair inserted. Also, another good rule to improve durability is to try to avoid scratching or combing yourself energetically.

In fact, the nails or the teeth of the comb tend to cut the hair at the base. Remember that these capillary reproductions must be respected, because they are an important means for you, the more you will feel in order and the better you will stay with yourself and consequently with others.

What is the most suitable hair  system for me?

In reality there are no facilities that go well for anyone. First of all, ask yourself these questions that will surely help you to find the most suitable product for you.

What kind of life I lead – If you lead a dynamic or sporting life, you will surely need a poly-implanted implant as the adherence and anchorage to the scalp is much more tenacious. Always remember to perform a frequent and careful hygienic maintenance.

What aesthetic result I want to achieve?

Undoubtedly a hair replacement system  is purchased to correct an aesthetic deficiency, or at least to improve one’s appearance. The right compromise is that a hair implant does not have to be particularly beautiful, but must go unnoticed.

So, a hair color that is the same as your own, remember not to exceed the folility, and create an appropriate look that knows how to stand out their features and that are consistent with age.

Which thickness should have the base?

The thickness for many wearers is a valid reason for the choice of a hair implant, or at least a priority to be resolved because it is experienced as an obstacle in relating to third parties. In fact, as in all environments related to aesthetics, these are very normal aids used to perfect their image and there is nothing wrong.

To put on one’s hair, reconstruct the breast or a dental arch, are now the order of the day, and represents an act of love towards oneself.  market truly ultra-thin hair implants, with thicknesses ranging from 0.01 mm to 0.06 mm. This indicates that the thicknesses have now become truly imperceptible to touch.

He has nothing to fear, if they pass the hand over his head or simply will be caressed his secret will remain so, passing unnoticed.


Often the attachment of a hair replacement system  is a worry for many people. If your style includes a modern cut with exposed brow or wanted to bring your hair back, the Lace front is definitely its ideal product. In fact, it allows you to comb your hair while keeping your hair away from your forehead. You can use the gel face detection without having that annoying effect of an attachment too perfect and not natural. Hair implants in lace.

Are there any latest generation hair implants?

Absolutely yes  and you can meet all them in or shop

Giuseppe Vesconsi

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Giuseppe Vescosi is a digital marketing agent for Newlacecu wig co. He discovered modern hair implants back in 1995, for personal reasons (he suffers from alopecia areata universal) He was one of the first experts in America and later in Europe on modern hair systems, writing several articles and dealing with them in various forums. In 2006 he traveled to China and got to know the main Asian hair prosthesis factories, later establishing a long-term collaboration with Xiufei Wu's Newlaecu wig company. Today he is considered an important expert in hair prostheses, their construction and use. In addition, in these 30 years he has never stopped studying the causes of alopecia and baldness and the alternatives for people with this condition.
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