Skin hair replacement system

If you are willing to solve the problem of hair loss, the best way is to use natural hair replacement systems by which you will be able to get your self-esteem back.

Those who suffer from alopecia experience a loss of self-esteem quite often. This can compromise the way we relate to others. Among the most used hair replacement systems that guarantee a very natural result, we can find  skin hair replacement systems, also called polyurethane or PU. Shop them at

Indeed, at there are several options that are worth considering and among these you can find skin hair replacement systems. Innovative and invisible prosthesis able to guarantee a natural look for those who suffer from alopecia.

What are hair skin prostheses?

Skin prosthesis are invisible systems that can be applied directly on the scalp, creating a very natural look.

These hair replacement prostheses have the characteristics of being particularly soft and practical to use, guaranteeing a natural and impalpable effect.

The strong point of the skin prosthesis is their naturalness, as well as their polyurethane structure.

Hair skin prosthesis are applied directly to the scalp. Clients will choose the colour that suit them the best. These hair replacement prostheses, even if less breathable than lace systems, ensure excellent adhesion and can be cleaned easily. They are ideal for athletes, including professionals.

An excellent visual effect is guaranteed. There are different kind of skin prosthesis that can be applied, depending on the type of thinning that occurs. Those who go for this type of system have to choose between super thin, medium and thick hair skin prosthesis.

Depending on the thickness of systems you choose, either you will increases their invisibility or you will decrease their resistance. The thinner they are, the more invisible and fragile they will be.

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