Suggestions for having a completely invisible hair replacement system

Whoever decides to wear a total or partial hair replacement systems does not want to be given away.

If you went for hair replacement systems, it means you desire to have a full head of hair again, as well as a natural appearance.

It is clear that you often fear to be ridiculous and to be the one unfairly criticised by nasty people. Anyway, the world is full of people that wear hair replacement systems and nobody knows about it. Even celebrities wear systems and, in spite of gossip, several of them have never been exposed. This may help to reassure who is about to wear a hair replacement system, for the very first time.

On average, 99% of people don’t look at hair or stare at it.

In this article we are going to list some of the characteristics that a hair system needs to be completely natural and invisible.

The base is a key element

If you want a trichological invisible system the base we recommend is the lace one.

French and Swiss laces are fine as well but their knots must be whitened perfectly. The knot is the thinnest in the world. In case of a covered or semi covered front you can choose other types of  base.

Then, you must have a well drown front (if you are aged add enters). Putting graduation on the front will create a more natural effect.

Do not exaggerate with density, remember that it is better not to have many things on. If you order a system with too hair there is no doubt you will be given away. I know that being bold is not nice, but do not forget that only few people over 20s have a full head of hair. Women included.

Clean up your system at every washing, each week and do not keep it on your head too much time. When you realise that your hair or base is getting ruined, get another system.

Always keep a backup hair replacement system with you and alternate to avoid ending up in emergency situations.

Fix your colour well; look yourself at the mirror in different lighting and check your side hair.

A piece of advice: if you want an easier integration, keep your side hair short and pulled back. People with hair replacement systems found it very helpful. Otherwise, keep them very long.

It is all about showing up.

Let your style inspires you, each of us is unique and must follow his inner nature.  

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