Alopecia and Menopause

Alopecia and menopause, what is the relationship?

Female baldness, just like that of a masculine nature, can represent a social and psychological problem for women who are faced with it.

Usually, baldness is a phenomenon that can occur during the onset of the first symptoms of menopause. In fact, alopecia in women can be a proper effect of the strong hormonal dose that menopause emits in women’s bodies. The loss of androgenic hair in most cases for women is related to an illness and in particular, to the dose of hormones of estrogen or androgenic type that emanate.

Female baldness, features

Female baldness is almost always caused by the presence of a pathology and therefore you have to understand well what it is before acting. In general, alopecia in women is manifested by a strong thinning of hair and a series of pathologies such as polycystic ovary, post-menopausal syndrome or hyperprolactinaemia are associated with it.

However, it is usually much easier for alopecia to occur especially after the age of 50 years, i.e. after the first symptoms of menopause have arrived. When a woman approaches menopause the hair changes completely and this is due to the fact that there is a deficiency of estrogen and an increase in androgens and also, also to various factors of biological nature, hereditary or simply connected The aging of the cells.

How to recognize alopecia in the course of menopause

In most women menopause there are symptoms that can be linked to androgenetic alopecia, visible in three ways:

1) Type of Olsen with hair loss more accentuated at the level of forehead attachment

2) Type of Ludwig, with hair loss at the top of the head

3) Type of Hamilton, with hair loss in the lateral areas. The latter two types are the most common.

Once the problem has been found, it will be necessary to ask for the intervention both from a dermatological point of view but also from an endocrine point of view. Depending on the factors that most affect the arrival of alopecia, it will be possible to intervene with different therapies. The important thing is to act on time and especially even ask for double advice from the experts. Every woman in fact will have a different impact depending on the lifestyle, depending on the habits that live and also depending on their hormonal situation.


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