Wigs online for Men

The term wig means a hair system that covers the whole head.

Normally the wig is a very old movable and unnatural system. But now there are modern hair implants that ensure naturalness, a totally normal life, which means to be able to sleep, to play sports, to swim, and a total impalpablity.

Normally the total prostheses or wigs are addressed to a female audience and in the link https://www.newlacecu.it/categoria-prodotto/protesi-capelli-femminili you can see the many models for women ready to send.

However Newlacecu also makes many male total prostheses or in colloquial terms men’s wigs, normally for subjects affected by alopecia areata or who have a andorgenetica now at Norwood Level 6 or more.

Their sale takes place online, through the site www.newlacecu.com or by calling on the phone of our sales and specifying for good what you want.

It is possible to have them already stylized, it means already cut and combed and then ready to be used immediately without going through a hairdresser.

The male total prostheses differ from the feminine ones in some points.

  1. There are no stocks, so the customer must indicate his instructions and wait for a total trichologic system with high modernity, whose production time is about 90 days.
  2. The hair required by the carriers is normally short, in fact the men often want very short lateral and nape.
  3. The densities are normally inferior to recreate more naturally what is a normal male hair.
  4. The design of the front usually has revenue, since the front of a man is not as upright as that instead of women.
  5. Being tailored you can choose different density depending on the sectors and different inserts of the hair depending on the sector. It is in fact of very high technology prosthesis and totally customized.
  6. The base is usually the lace that allows perspiration, perfect adhesion in cases of total systems and excellent invisibility.

In short, men’s wigs are no longer something obsolete and old. They are very high technology and hyper personalized systems, in short the flagship of world production.

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