Chili to curb hair loss

Before talking about how to curb hair loss, let’s see when you can talk about excessive hair fall.

If for several days we notice a fall of more than 100 hairs per day, we are at an important stage of loss and we must begin to remedy it.

For all people the onset of alopecia is a traumatic moment in life. But there are some things that can be done, if not to stop balding, at least to slow it down.

They are simple and low cost actions, contrary to what you mistakenly might think.

Today we will talk about an ancient remedy: the chili, cheap and very useful.

The chili contains capsaicin and allows vasodilation where it is applied.

So applying on the scalp we go to oxygenate the bulbs of the hair allowing it to nourish and become stronger by having those metabolic substances that allow their development.

Cut the chili, put some light surgeon gloves and massage for ten minutes for each day the entire scalp. You will see how in short not only will you stop the fall, but you will find the hair less fine and stronger.

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