Capillary systems with special forms to cover localized alopecia

When we talk about hair implants we always think of systems to cover a androgenetic or total alopecia, then to oval systems to cover the upper part of the head or in total shape to cover the whole head.

But these systems can also be used to solve the unaesthetic problem of other types of localized alopecia as:


Head Burns

localized alopecia


localized alopecia


localized alopecia

These are 3 types of alopecia with special forms that the old non-elastic and thin systems did not allow to cover in an aesthetically satisfactory way.

Now instead with the new generation of prostheses, there is finally a completely natural solution, even for these special cases.

The prosthesis will be created on the measure of the sector to be covered and allow the bearer a totally normal sports and social life and the definitive resolution to its aesthetic problem.

In NewLacecu we are experts of these particular systems and we have solved the problem of hundreds of people, who because of this defect, purely aesthetic, had undergone a real incarceration by society…

Angela, for example, because of an extensive burn in the nape of the neck she hasn’t been out of the house for 10 years. Now she has a husband who loves her and a beautiful child.

Andrea for a trichotillomania, had renounced to univesity. Immediately after receiving the prosthesis, luckily he resumed (and we wish you, Andrea, a rapid degree and a career full of success and happiness).


localized alopecia


We could write a book about our customers and how they regained their lives and their happiness. And we are proud to have been part of their revival not only aesthetic but psicologíca.

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