Three vitamins important for health and beauty of hair

Mom and dad as children always told us to eat fruits and vegetables because they are full of vitamins and useful to our health. Well the vitamins not only serve us to get better, but they improve and very much the quality of our hair and the beauty of the hairstyle.

So we eat so much fruit just as they told us often not listened to our parents.

The three important vitamins for the health of the hair.

We have already treated in another article of the blog The importance of vitamin C for the beauty of our hair, today I will tell you three other vitamins very important for the health of hair and to stop at least partly the fall.

  • Vitamin A: Strong antioxidant is very useful to regulate the production of sebum by the scalp.
  • Vitamin B: They stimulate the production of melanin useful to have bright and shiny hair.
  • Vitamin E: Stimulates blood circulation thus helping the life of our bulbs. Take them through salads, fruit salads or juices, otherwise go to the pharmacy and ask for supplements that contain them, are very useful and are at affordable prices.

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