Jennifer Lawrence wig in Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeens hair

As we all know, Hunger Games is a series of books for young adults. The story is truly engaging and is set to take place in a post-apocalyptic North America. The main character is sixteen years old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in the Panem nation, which is divided into districts and governed by a totalitarian violent regime, headquartered in Capitol City.

Following a past attempt of insurrection and in order to avoid future uprisings – and thereby dominate the poorest territories without leaving them any kind of hope – every year, one girl and one boy are picked from each district to participate in the Hunger Games, a mortal combat broadcasted in television. Each combat has only one winner, and it represents, metaphorically, the impossibility to rise up against Capitol City.

The books have been very successful both in terms of sales and critics. They have therefore decided to turn them into several movies that would tell on the big screen the story of Katniss and her thirst for freedom.

The movies have also been a worldwide success and have launched the actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has later won an Oscar as best actress for the movie “Silver Linings Playbook.”

To go back to the theme of our blog, which deals with hair and more specifically hair replacement systems, it is now official as confirmed by the director of the quadrilogy Francis Lawrence (who, despite the homonym, is not related with Jennifer):

Jennifer Lawrence, who impersonates the brave and gorgeous Katniss Everndeen, in the last Hunger Games movie, is wearing a wig.

For the first few movies in the saga she had to dye black her otherwise blond hair, in order to gain a tougher appearance. However, in the last movie, in agreement with the production, she opted for a tricologic hair system.

The reason for this choice is that Jennifer herself had decided to cut her hair short because it was too dry and damaged due to too much dyeing.

The final result, however, was not affected by this change. The movie still shows a strong and gorgeous female hero, who wears a long black braid. She is ready to fight for the freedom of her district as well as her people – who, at this point, are forced into starvation and poverty by a compassionless and inhumane regime. How could we not all take Jennifer’s side?

Katniss Everdeens - Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence

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