How to place microline or silk top hair system, based upon one’s alopecia

Microline and silk top are two hair replacement systems used to thicken areas of the head where the hair is thinner – also called alopecia – without having to shave. These systems can be places using clips, without having to use glues or tapes.


These systems are very popular among women who does not want to shave but would rather just thicken their hair.

Following, we suggest how to place these systems on your head, based upon your alopecia.

  1. When the alopecia is restricted to the middle area, we suggest placing the tricologic system about 3 to 5 cm behind the frontal hairline, where your own hair is still present, thereby allowing for a fully natural look.
  2. If the alopecia is more spread out and is starting to affect the frontal hairline, we still recommend – whenever possible – to place the system behind one’s own hairline. Otherwise, you can place it at the same level of the hairline and create a side line effect or a breezy “bowl” haircut.
  3. When the alopecia affects the whole hairline rather than just the back side, the system should be placed about 4 fingers above the eyebrows. Then you can comb your hair system into a “bowl” or a sideline haircut.
  4. When the alopecia is more advanced and extended, and the scalp almost bold, we recommend using an anchored hair replacement system. In fact, a lace system or a skin system that replaces the whole hair will allow for any kind of hairstyle.
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