Eyebrows replacement system

Eyebrows are a fundamental element four our look.

Eyebrows replacement system
Eyebrows replacement system

Several women take care of them and are aware of how, depending upon the shape their beautician gives to their eyebrows, their facial expression will radically change. Now, in a society increasingly focused on physical appearance, several men are starting to take care of their eyebrows. It is not uncommon to see, in TV as well as in our everyday lives, men with groomed eyebrows.

Here is why, when alopecia affects this part of the face, one experiences a complete change in their look. This is shocking for whomever has to endure it, to the point that several of them close themselves off and develop difficulties in keeping normal social relationships.

Eyebrows are not just a detail.

I believe that this picture, illustrating how some VIPs would look like without eyebrows, speaks for itself. The face looks completely different and people who we would normally consider beautiful, suddenly become odd-looking to say the least.

This is the reason why those who are affected by alopecia in this area are trying to find a solution at any cost. Many opt for tattoos. However, this solution implies a significant problem: no matter how well it is done, a tattoo is always going to be a two-dimensional drawing and, as such, completely recognizable.  

At Newlacecu, we have developed a unique product, an invisible and natural eyebrows replacement system. It is a system made of skin with threaded hair that allows for three-dimensional look, complete invisibility, and natural appearance both for women and, finally, for men as well.

Therefore, if you are experiencing alopecia in this area, don’t let it be a problem anymore. Contact us and our specialists will be happy to assist you.


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