How to clean a Laced hair replacement system using the method of the mirror

At present, the method of the mirror is undoubtedly the most effective way to clean a Laced or a monofilament hair replacement system.


I suggest to clean the system weekly, in order make it easier to take the glue off (after a while, it would seep through the knitting and stiffen), but mostly to avoid unpleasant smells, fungi, and dermatitis.


Cleaning is easy:


  1. Sprinkle the solvent (for instance c 22, which you can purchase from on the perimeter of the system and let it soak for a few minutes;
  2. Delicately remove the system from your head, making sure not to pull too hard in order to prevent the whole system from ripping… make sure to take it off with patience and care!
  3. Now, you can clean it using the method of the mirror.
  4. Take a mirror (I recommend that you purchase a mirror that you are going to use solely for this purpose. Keep it aside, and make sure it does not have sharp edges as these could cut or damage the system)
  5. Sprinkle the solvent on the areas of the system (on the back side) that are sticky with glue, and let it soak for a few minutes;
  6. Now you can carefully rub the system against the mirror. You will see that the glue will detach from the system and stick to the mirror. Keep rubbing until the system is completely clean. Avoid rubbing the system on an area of the mirror that is already covered with glue. Every time you rub the system make sure to do so on an area of the mirror that is perfectly clean. I would recommend to use a mirror that is 50 cm by 50 cm in order to have enough surface to clean carefully the whole system at once.
  7. Now that the system is completely clean, proceed to remove the glue from the mirror. This is really easy: use a small dish cleaning rag (a rugged one), pour some dish soap on the rag and rub it on the mirror. You will see that the glue will stick to the rag: now you can dry the mirror with a disposable fabric pad.
  8. Now that the system is completely clean, you can wash it, dry it, and wear it again (unless you alternate it with another system) or keep it aside (if you do alternate it with another system).


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