Is it possible to cure baldness with nutrition?

Proper nutrition can help to enhance hair shininess, hydration, and softness, while also preventing hair loss and fostering regrowth.

By now, it is well known that nutrition influences our organism’s health. Therefore, we should not be surprised to know that there is a strong connection between healthy nutrition and stunning hair.

First off, one should drink plenty of water. Thereby, we can facilitate the elimination of toxins that would otherwise remain trapped in our body and in our hair. Drinking water is also necessary to hydrate one’s skin and hair.

Furthermore, proper nutrition is the easiest and most effective remedy to grant new strength and beauty for our hair, and to recover from excessive hair loss. Nutrition could also help fight actual alopecia.

Crucial is the intake of essential fatty acids. These are considered extremely important since our body is not able to produce them, but just to synthesize them.

Truly essential fatty acids include Linoleic Acid Omega 6 and Alpha Linolenic Acid Omega 3.

Omega 3 fatty acids enable the synthesis of eicosanoids, also known as cellular superhormones, which regulate several important biological functions, helping us to better our overall health.

These “good” eicosanoids inhibit inflammatory processes, while also stimulating our immune system by fighting possible ongoing inflammatory responses. They facilitate microcirculation by helping vasodilation. They help our body to synthesize structural protein, including keratin – which is the key structural material making up our hair.

Last but not least, Omega 3 intake inhibits the iso-enzymatic structures type I and type II, as well as the 5alpha-reductases. These turn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone DHT, which causes androgenetic alopecia. Thereby, Omega 3 they can successfully help increase testosterone levels.

Amongst Omega 3 derivatives, the most important metabolites include eicosapentaenoic acid EPA, docosahexaenoic acid DHA, and alpha linolenic acid ALA.

Basically, in order to achieve significant biological results for our body, Omega 3 fatty acids need to be turned into EPA, DHA, and ALA. These nutrients have the strongest and most important anti-inflammatory ability.

The food with highest content of EPA, DHA, and ALA include fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, herring, blue fish, fish oil, shellfish, flax oil, hemp seed oil, rapeseed oil, walnuts, and almonds.

It is therefore irrefutable that constant Omega 3 intake helps improving our hair’s health and beauty.

Another essential element is biotin, also known as Vitamin H, water-soluble substance, central to our health.

Amongst several properties, it reduces sebum production both on the skin and on the hair, thereby solving sebum-related hair problems. Biotin also plays a fundamental role in hair production and growth.

Biotin can be found in liver, egg yolk, cow’s milk, whole rice, dried-fruit, mushroom, peas, lentils, cauliflower, carrots and wheat.

Protein play a fundamental role in the structure of human hair – these include keratin and melanin. It is therefore crucial to eat lean meat, eggs, and soy-based foods. Beans are also rich in protein that facilitate hair growth.

By following these simple rules, we can significantly improve our hair in terms of shininess, hydration, beauty and thickness. Our fight against hair loss will also benefit from following these rules. Hair loss will remarkably slow down or even stop – to the point that we could finally notice substantial regrowth.

Giuseppe Vesconsi

Autor: Giuseppe Vescosi

Giuseppe Vescosi is a digital marketing agent for Newlacecu wig co. He discovered modern hair implants back in 1995, for personal reasons (he suffers from alopecia areata universal) He was one of the first experts in America and later in Europe on modern hair systems, writing several articles and dealing with them in various forums. In 2006 he traveled to China and got to know the main Asian hair prosthesis factories, later establishing a long-term collaboration with Xiufei Wu's Newlaecu wig company. Today he is considered an important expert in hair prostheses, their construction and use. In addition, in these 30 years he has never stopped studying the causes of alopecia and baldness and the alternatives for people with this condition.
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