Interview with Marco: my life with alopecia areata and a trichological system

Blog-Hi Marco, thank you for sharing you story with us.

Marco-Hi, I’m glad to be here with you. I would like to share my experience concerning alopecia and the use of systems.

Blog-So, let’s start from the very beginning: when and how did you discover alopecia?

Marco-I was 20 years old and I was attending the third year in college. One day, while I was shaving I noticed a small bald spot. I instantly worried, because when I was only a child I had been suffering from alopecia for 4 years. I went to a dermatologist who gave me a cream and told me not worry because everything would be alright.

As a matter of fact some hair started to grow again in that spot, a few months later. Summer arrived and I stopped thinking about it.
In Autumn I made up my mind about having my hair cut, therefore, I went to the hairdresser. Unfortunately, he told me I had two large patches of alopecia on the nape.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday, I was very scared and I decided  to go to Idi in Rome. The dermatologist told me to undergo a cortisone treatment.

I repeated the treatment other 5 times, once a week. Unfortunately new patches started to appear.
A month later my whole head was covered with bald areas. Then, I decided to shave and got myself hospitalized at Idi, for 10 days. I did all the necessary checkups and everything was well. The head physician said to me: ‘Marco we cannot do anything for you, you are fine. Now it’s all up to you.’

I underwent a cortisone treatment, but it did not work out. It became an alopecia universalis: my eyebrows and eyelashes got affected too. As a consequence of the cortisone I gained a lot of weight and the colour of my skin started to change. I could not believe it, I had always had a tanned complexion. Moreover, I used to hit the gym everyday.

Blog- How did you feel psychologically?

Marco- Awful. I left college, even though I was about to finish all the exams. I felt ashamed among people. I stayed in for years, telling my friends I was abroad. Four years of self-imposed imprisonment, of crazy researches, of crazy cures, nothing seemed to work out.

The last physician I consulted told me I would have alopecia universalis for the rest of my life and that I had to come to terms with it.
I perfectly remember that day: I had hit rock bottom and I thought of committing suicide. I was a superficial person and I used to think that appearance was all. I had always been good-looking that is why I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror.

I tried toupees, and consulted two Italian companies, the …, for the insane amount of 50 million lire, the old Italian currency. I got 4 total systems, which I entirely disliked and from … for 15 millions I got two total cover plus hair systems.

If I look back to my past I do not understand how I could have wasted all that money.… Above all I keep asking myself how can these people, who worked for those two companies, be ok with themselves. How can they cheat people that way.

Blog- What happened then?

Marco- while I was surfing the net I came across with the lace system. I remember that an American company had a before and after photo of a man affected by alopecia areata. I immediately understood that was the solution.

I phoned them and went to LA to visit their headquarter. Each system cost roughly 5 thousand dollars. Far too much compared to Newlacecu, but that was the only solution at that time.
As I wore the system I immediately recognized myself.  I remember my sister started crying when she saw me at the airport. She said I looked great.
Handling the lace was easy: I could do everything and it was very easy to clean. The only issue was the cost, I could not afford those sums every 6 months.

Blog- so Marco, how did you discover Newlacecu?

Marco- thanks to their forum I couldn’t believe those cheap systems could be as nice-looking as mine, which cost thousands of dollars. I gave it a go and I can truly say they are the best product in the marketplace.

Knots are more invisible, no yellow root and excellent hair. Since I wore them I feel confident. Money are no longer a problem.

Blog – And what about now?

Marco- I got married, I have two years old daughters and I’m so happy. Let me be honest: what does not kill you make you stronger.

Now, if something goes wrong I’m no longer down in the dumps. I face it head-on. I can truly say I am a better person because of alopecia.

Blog – Thank you for telling you story Marco. I am pretty sure your experience will be helpful.

Marco- Thank you. At the end of the day I would like to tell everybody: do not give in!. There is always a way out.

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