?A different way of dealing with Alopecia areata: psychotherapy!?

1% of the world’s population is affected by alopecia areata which is classified as an autoimmune pathology.

In many cases it disappears without treatments; in others it can affect your scalp and all your body, including eyelashes and eyebrows.

Lot of VIPs are affected by this disease. Let’s take the example of the Italian former football referee Collina who managed to make of this disease his strength.

Alopecia areata affects your mind significantly, leading to a dramatic physical change. People rarely react in a good way  how made Collina .

At the moment there is no efficient treatment, however some solutions are: putting some cortisone, ultraviolet therapy, using acidic or biological medicines (do not forget side effects  that are very bad).

Some time ago a northern Europe university psychological department, in Germany,  come up with a new and successful treatment.

The idea was to hypnotize patients at each session (in total 4).

In the first one of the patient was asked to relax and feel his body and after, in the second, a beautiful landscape should have been imagined.

In the third and fourth, in order to increase blood pressure, he had to concentrate in the areas affected by alopecia, feeling a warmth sensation coming up .

These psychologists were not professionals but simple students: treatments were the same for all patients and had several limits.

Notwithstanding in some cases, patients affected by alopecia areata saw an improvement of hairs in all their scalp and body.

Funds were not enough and this experimental approach had no international success.

Anyway results show that alopecia can be treat with psychotherapy (hypnosis) and that feelings have a big impact on this autoimmune pathology.

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